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MOGO Finance Technology

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27 Postings, 1761 Tage Toben137MOGO Finance Technology

11.11.15 09:22
Hier ein erstes Forum für dieses vielversprechende Startup. Nach ihrem Börsengang Mitte des Jahres planen sie ab nächstem Jahr ein positives EBITDA auszuweisen. Was haltet ihr von diesem Unternehmen und den Q3 Zahlen, die am 10.11.15 rausgekommen sind?  
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2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgAnalysteneinschätzung:

08.11.18 16:03

Q3/18: Core Revenue Growth Accelerates to 80%

Nik Priebe, CFA • Financial Technology
(416) 359-4293

Bottom Line:

Overall, Mogo delivered a very solid quarter. Core revenue growth accelerated to 80% y/y, driven by another meaningful step-up in subscription and service revenue. The long-term gross consumer loans portfolio increased 18% sequentially, and the charge-off rate remained stable. We continue to be encouraged by the strong uptake on existing products, and believe the shift towards more capital-light, recurring revenue sources will begin to resonate with investors. Reiterate Outperform (Speculative) rating.

Key Points

Adjusted earnings came in above expectations. Mogo reported adjusted EPS of -$0.24, above consensus and our estimate at -$0.28. The beat appears largely attributable to better-than-expected revenue, owing to a combination of strong growth in the long-term lending portfolio and another meaningful step-up in contribution from subscription and service income.

Sixth-consecutive quarter of accelerating core revenue growth.
Excluding the legacy short-term loans business, core revenue growth came in at an impressive 80% y/y. This result was largely driven by 110% growth in subscription and service revenue, as well as strong sequential growth in the long-term lending portfolio.

Exit of the legacy short-term lending business reflects an important milestone in the transformation of Mogo.
As recently as Q1/15, short-term lending (an alternative product to payday loans) contributed as much as 80% of revenue. Since that time, revenue has increased 70% despite Mogo's full exit from the business. In our view, this underscores the underlying growth profile of Mogo's core products. To reinforce this point, we would highlight that loan fees associated with the short-term lending product accounted 25% of revenue in Q2/18. Despite the full exit of that business in Q3, total revenue was flat q/q, reflecting strong underlying growth from core products. In our view, the full exit of the short-term loans business reflects an important milestone as Mogo continues to transition towards more attractive revenue streams at an accelerated pace.

Revenue mix continues to shift to more attractive sources. As subscription and fee-based products continue to scale, Mogo's revenue mix continues to shift towards more attractive, capital-light, recurring revenue streams. This positive shift is expected to continue as the company seeks to evolve its wealth franchise and integrate a broader suite of products to the platform.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#DxdQOmuvK9OCp1rG.99


2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgKommentar eines Anlegers zum Conference-Call:

08.11.18 16:14

Very impressed with the earnings and the conference call.  Interesting to hear of their plans to partner with insurance companies, credit unions, etc in the provision of services through strategic partnerships.  Lots of potential and opportunity...

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2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgPräsentation anläßlich des conference call:

09.11.18 10:49



2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgDas vollständige Protokoll zum Conference Call Q3:

12.11.18 07:50



2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgNoch einmal, diesmal beginnend mit Seite 1:

12.11.18 07:54



10979 Postings, 7015 Tage Lalapowie seht ihr eigentlich die

12.11.18 08:08
Bonds hier ...höchstverzinst um 9-10 € ....

die 21ziger 10 % ab 30.06.2019 mit 12,5 %tiger Teiltilgung alle 3 Monate ...  ...und die neue aufgestockte 22ziger mit 9,5 % ...

Halte beide ...  

2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfg@Lalapo:

12.11.18 09:24
Du bist hier im falschen Thread!
Deine Anleihen gibt es bei der baltischen Mogo S.A.

Hier geht es um die kanadische Mogo Finance Incorperation.
Beide haben nichts miteinander zu tun!  

10979 Postings, 7015 Tage Lalapook

12.11.18 09:26
dachte das wäre eine Tochter ....  

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2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgMackie Research:

17.11.18 09:20
Mackie Research re-iterates $12 target

Mogo (MOGO-TSX, Speculative Buy/$12 Target): Impressive progress under headline Q3 beat. Q3 results indicated positive movement on core business & new products/partnerships; major factors we suggested in Q3 preview on Nov 1st, while Mogo exits short term loans. Mogo has made an impressive revenue pivot to a more capital light business model in our ~18 months covering the stock. Short term loans were ~50% of Mogo’s revenue when we launched coverage in April 2017. This revenue line is now zero. Mogo has grown remaining top line well over 100% since then. While no specific announcements were made yesterday, we believe Mogo’s new product and potential partnership strategy appears to have expanded in scope since Q2 results in August. Specifically, the company’s product funnel appears to include possible wealth management products and cash back on pre-paid cards. Potential partners could include banks, insurance companies & credit unions. Potential announcements could be positive catalysts for the stock. These moves could expand Mogo’s reach as a mobile first, direct to consumer channel, increase customer engagement leading to higher subscription and services revenue growth. Our estimate revisions are minor and do not include new products, partnerships and channels (Android launch likely in 6-7 months). Finally, Mogo could self-finance the company’s loan/credit product and potentially securitize its loan book, accelerating the transition to a capital light revenue growth model. We value Mogo on a net core revenue basis (i.e. total revenue less loan fees and less funding interest): Mogo trades at ~1.6x 2019 core net sales vs. FinTech names at ~5.2x. Peer multiples appear to have gone up ~0.4x since our preview, while Mogo is unchanged. Our $12 target implies ~5x 2019 core net sales, roughly in-line with peers.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#2g7Lyt74F73gRdIY.99  

2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgPräsentation in New York (6. Dezember):

30.11.18 08:59
CNW | Mogo Finance Technology Inc. to Present at the Jefferies' Crossover Consumer Finance Summit
VANCOUVER, Nov. 29, 2018- Mogo Finance Technology Inc. to Present at the Jefferies' Crossover Consumer Finance Summit.


2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgIn 2018 über 210.000 neue Nutzer-Accounts:

23.01.19 09:07
No Hype - just the Facts.  Your complete source of news and realtime quotes from the TSX, TSX-V, CSE, Montreal, Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex and OTC Markets.


2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgVerbesserung der Technologie-Plattform:

24.01.19 07:28
No Hype - just the Facts.  Your complete source of news and realtime quotes from the TSX, TSX-V, CSE, Montreal, Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex and OTC Markets.


2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgAktuelles Interview:

13.02.19 09:05

2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgLöschung

13.02.19 17:30

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1739 Postings, 4922 Tage GadricMogo Gründer im Video gefällt mir

19.02.19 22:00
kommt kompetent rüber und der Plan gefällt mir auch. Bin gespannt, wie sich Mogo entwickelt  

1739 Postings, 4922 Tage GadricHier ist doch was im Busch, oder warm der Kurs?

06.03.19 12:09
Beim Kurs zuck es. Ist es hier allgemein das Finanzthema?  

2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgZahlen für Q4 und 2018 sind da:

13.03.19 08:01



1739 Postings, 4922 Tage GadricDas sieht gut aus

13.03.19 20:07
Fourth Quarter Core Revenue up 75% year over year to $16.1 Million

Subscription & Services Revenue grows 100% for the Fourth Quarter and 106% for the Year

Fourth Quarter Adjusted EBITDA Increases 107% year over year to a Record $2.1 Million...  

2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgEarning Call Präsentation:

13.03.19 21:58



2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgCall Transkript:

14.03.19 07:14



2373 Postings, 2925 Tage erfgOptimistisches Kursziel:

18.03.19 15:46

Research Capital -- target $12.00 per share

Mogo (MOGO-TSX, MOGO-NASDAQ, Speculative Buy/$12 Target): 2019 catalysts could reposition story. This week, Mogo reported Q4/19 results -- 75% y/y core revenue growth owing to better member monetization. We believe Mogo is in discussions with multiple potential partners. Positive partnerships could help Mogo monetize new and existing members in a more capital efficient manner. New products (e.g. cash back debit card, MogoWealth etc.) could help Mogo rekindle existing member relationships and also add new members to its platform. We believe positive news from these initiatives could come as early as Q2/19 based on our read of management body language. We believe that exiting 2019, Mogo could self fund a much larger portion of its loan/credit business via cash flow from subscription and services and potential MogoMoney partners. If Mogo gains sufficient partner traction, the company could essentially offer lending partners a “marketplace” via a capital light model. Our discussions with management also suggest a high degree of confidence in rolling over Mogo’s credit facilities (done before) and also some debentures with 2020 maturities. Mogo’s valuation provides potential for gains as the  company continues subscription and services revenue growth especially as investors seem to have an appetite for Canadian Fintech stories. Our discussions with investors suggest the recent LightSpeed (LSPD-TSX, Not Covered) IPO was massively oversubscribed. We estimate there could be unsatisfied Fintech investor demand for at least a few hundred million dollars, if not ~$500 mln, which could bode well for Mogo, especially if the company demonstrates partnership/new product traction.  We value Mogo on a net core revenue basis (i.e. total revenue less loan fees and less funding interest, which the company has exited). On this basis, Mogo trades at ~1.4x 2020 core net sales vs. FinTech names at ~4.3x Sales. Our $12 target implies ~4x 2020 core net sales, roughly in-line with peers


1739 Postings, 4922 Tage Gadric@erfg: sehr interessant $12.00 sind eine Ansage

19.03.19 22:39
gegen solche Kursziele habe ich absolut nichts einzuwenden.  

1739 Postings, 4922 Tage GadricÜbernahmekandidat

20.03.19 17:46

1739 Postings, 4922 Tage GadricMogo Finance Technology Passes 800,000 Member

21.03.19 14:04
Mogo Finance Technology Passes 800,000 Member Milestone


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