Liberty Star Uran&Metal (OTCBB) // O/S maxed out!

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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axLiberty Star Uran&Metal (OTCBB) // O/S maxed out!

17.11.08 17:49


A/S:  200,000,000
O/S: O/S193,946,706 as of Nov. 13th, 2008



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letzte News:

Liberty Star and NPX Metals Enter Revised Agreement on Gold-Silver Nevada Property

17:55 22.10.08


Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (OTCBB: LBSU)(the Company) announces that it has signed an agreement to sell its option land at the Providence Project to NPX Metals Inc (NPX). The option land, adjacent to land already held by NPX, is believed to host commercially relevant quantities of disseminated gold and silver in Nevadas historic Beatty Mining District.

The Companys option which was obtained at little cost and forms the northwestern pit wall of the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) open pit, last mined in the 1990s by Barrick Bull Frog Mining Company a subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp. and others for disseminated gold and silver. The mineral zone appears to continue from the M-S open pit on to the Providence Project, but has yet to be drill tested for precious metal mineralization (NR 74, April 29, 2008).

In general, the terms set forth in the sales agreement made during the summer of 2008, with revisions October 15, 2008, provide that the Company will assign its interest in the Providence Project option land to NPX for $200,000. The two companies have also agreed that NPX will hire Liberty Star to provide exploration and development services on the project area. The Liberty Star geology team has begun field work in the area.


James A. Briscoe

James A. Briscoe,



Statements in this news release that are not historical are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this news release include that we will sell our option land for $200,000 and that we will be hired to conduct exploration and development work on the property. Factors that may prevent or delay these statements coming to fruition include inability to come to final agreement on sale, terms on payment in the sale or in the work, other contractors offering better terms or our inability to perform the work required. Readers should refer to the risk disclosures outlined in the Companys most recent 10-KSB and the Companys other periodic reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

About Liberty Stars Mineral Exploration Projects

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. is a mineral exploration company currently with ongoing exploration interests for the discovery of uranium ore deposits on the Arizona Strip region of the Colorado Plateau (North Pipes Super Project). Liberty Star also maintains exploration projects in Alaska for copper, gold, silver and moly, in Nevada for gold and silver, and southern Arizona for porphyry copper and other metals. Information on these can be found at Liberty Stars web site

About NPX Minerals Inc.

NPX Metals is a mineral exploration company focused on properties in Arizona and Nevada, headquartered in Apache Junction, Arizona. NPX Metals is a Nevada Domestic Corporation (see Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity E0254852006-7) incorporated in April 2006. President/Director Daniel Bleak is a mining industry entrepreneur. Corporate officers include Denis Corin (director), Johnathan Lindsay, (director, secretary, treasurer) and Randall Reneau (director). Bret Judd is the manager for Exploration & Land Tenure.
(c)2007 Business Wire. All of the news releases contained herein are protected by copyright and other applicable laws, treaties and conventions. Information contained in the releases is furnished by Business Wire's members, who warrant that they are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and originality of the information contained therein. All reproduction, other than for an individual user's personal reference, is prohibited without prior written permission.
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axInformationen zu/über LBSU

17.11.08 18:14


Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (LBSU: OTCBB) is an Arizona-based mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in the states of Arizona, Alaska, and Sonora, Mexico. Currently we control  properties totaling approximately 160,000 acres (about 250 square miles) which are located over what management considers some of North America’s richest mineralized regions for uranium, copper, gold, silver and molybdenum (moly).

In April 2008 Liberty Star announced option to earn up to 100% ownership in historically mineral rich lands. Three separate properties, two for porphyry copper, gold & moly in southern Arizona, and one for Carlin style gold in north central Sonora, Mexico comprise  Liberty Star’s latest exploration projects.  All have elicited interest from mining savvy investors and potential joint venture partners.

Under our North Pipes Super Project, Liberty Star holds 1856 standard Federal lode mining claims covering over 38,000 acres in numerous blocks targeting breccia pipe hosted uranium deposits.  The breccia pipes are part of the large uranium bearing breccia pipe terrain which occurs on the Arizona Strip lying just south of the Utah border. Eight mines were brought into production during the 1970s and early 1980s on deposits discovered within the immediate area. The uranium bearing pipes which were mined are the second highest grade uranium mineral deposits in the world and the highest grade in the United States. Previously mined mineralization in these pipes has graded about 0.6% to 0.7% uranium or about 12 to 14 pounds per ton. In addition to uranium they are known to contain copper, zinc, silver, vanadium, cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, gallium, germanium and other metals. Past producers have recovered copper, silver and vanadium as by-products of uranium mining. Liberty Star has a joint venture agreement with XState Resources, Ltd. for exploring, developing, and mining some of these targets.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Big Chunk Corp., Liberty Star also holds the claims to our Big Chunk Super Project, covering approximately 177 square miles in southwestern Alaska and targeting copper, gold and molybdenum; and our Bonanza Hills Project, covering approximately 14 square miles in southwestern Alaska and targeting gold with by-product silver.

Liberty Star Gold Corp. was founded in 2004.  In April 2007 the company's name and OTCBB symbol were changed to Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (ticker LBSU) to better reflect the diversity of our properties.

Please visit our project pages for more detailed information.



Stock Exchange: OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board)

Corporate Offices:
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (OTCBB: LBSU)
3024 E Fort Lowell Rd
Tucson, AZ 85716-1572
Tel: 520-731-8786
Fax: 520-844-1118

Transfer Agency:
Nevada Agency and Trust Company
50 W Liberty St Ste 880
Reno, NV 89501-1977
USA Independent Auditors:
Semple & Cooper
Steven D. Marchal, CPA
2700 N Central Ave, Ninth Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Legal Counsel:
Clark Wilson LLP
800-885 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6C 3H1

4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axKursentwicklung LBSU (USA) der letzten Tage...

17.11.08 18:27
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155 Postings, 4537 Tage 0815 StudentSieht gut aus

17.11.08 18:29

Bin am Wochenende auf den Wert gestoßen.

Leider kann ich nur in Deutschland handeln:-( und da geht halt nichts. Schade

Sonst wär ich zum Zocken eingestiegen. Könnte nach dem max. O/S ordentlich nach oben laufen, zumindest kurzfristig.


4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax...zum Handel in Dtl.

17.11.08 18:42
Heut morgen hatte München 5.000.000 Aktien zu 0.001€ eingestellt. Wollte gg. 12:00 Uhr auf einen gewissen Teil davon zurückgreifen --- auf einmal waren sie zu 0.002€, dann gar nicht mehr angeboten...

FRA ist noch schlimmer: letzte Woche hatte der 600.000 Aktien zu 0.001€ im ASK, diese hat er auch nicht rausgegeben !!

4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax@ Student:

17.11.08 18:49
die gehandelten 300.000 Aktien von FRA wurden offiziell auch nicht als BID / ASK angezeigt!

Teilweise hat FRA wild auf 0.1!€ hochgetaxt (keine Ahnung, was der raucht!??)

...einfach mal, die von dir gewollte Stückzahl (zu deinem Preis) anfragen/einstellen...
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155 Postings, 4537 Tage 0815 StudentIst mir auch aufgefallen

17.11.08 18:52

Die 5M in München. Wo ich kaufen wollte plötzlich bei 2 und das zahle ich nicht.

Könnte aber durchaus sein, dass es auch in DE bald zur Sache geht. Allerdings kann es dann schon zu spät sein. Ich beobachte fleißig


155 Postings, 4537 Tage 0815 StudentMakler

17.11.08 18:57

Ordern werden öfters nicht angezeigt. Meine eigenen sehe ich als auch nicht?

Ach noch was du schreibst auch zu UVSE. DIe haben den O/S auf 6,5 Milliarden erhöht ohne Filing!! 

Wusstest du dass das geht. Das könnte mir den ganzen Zock versaut haben.



4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax(aus dem ihub)

17.11.08 18:58

Posted by:  Orca     Date:  Monday, November 17, 2008 10:28:01 AM
In reply to: $brich$ who wrote msg# 910 Post # of 1024

...LBSU has been naked shorted for more than 123 days. Gonna bounce big here  

4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axUSA +100%

17.11.08 19:55

4951 Postings, 4620 Tage geht los!

17.11.08 20:06
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axGesamtchart

18.11.08 06:10
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714 Postings, 5788 Tage meidericherjetzt gehts los !

18.11.08 10:37
bin mit dabei und habe locker welche zu 0,008 bekommen in FRA  

155 Postings, 4537 Tage 0815 Student@meidereicher

18.11.08 12:16

Du bist dir aber schon im Klaren dass du gerade 500% Überpari gekauft hast.

Naja trotzdem wünsch ich dir viel Glück


4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axGap gefüllt - Aktie nimmt Fahrt auf! (0.0028 USD)

18.11.08 15:35
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax... 0.0039 USD

18.11.08 17:55
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axChart (aus ihub) / RT: nun 0.0028 USD

18.11.08 18:12
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axUSA: SK 0.0033 USD

18.11.08 22:02
(~ 30.6 Mill. gehandelte Aktien)
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axgestrige Handelstag in USA: +57% bei 30,6 Mill-Vol

19.11.08 12:32
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axChart_LBSU

19.11.08 12:37
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axLBSU's Alaska mineral assets is located next to...

19.11.08 12:43

LBSU's Alaska mineral assets is located right next to Pebble mine minerals
which are owned by Northen Nynasty(AMEX:NAK $2.37/share)
*current O/S of NAK is about 100MM, 1/2 of LBSU
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax...zum Einarbeiten in die Aktie (DD zu LBSU)

19.11.08 13:38

4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815axAufwärtstrend hält weiter an (mit Potential: up)

19.11.08 15:49
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax...sollte hier wirklich seit ca. 4Monaten ge-

19.11.08 16:25
shortet worden sein (siehe Beitrag #9 / Mitte August) erkennt man, woher LBSU kommt und wohin es laufen kann...

aktueller Kurs: ca. 0.004 USD
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4951 Postings, 4620 Tage 0815ax...die letzten 5 Handelstage (USA) im Trend

19.11.08 16:41
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