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23.03.00 15:54
Hartcourt Appoints Mr. Duc Duong as CTO

Long Beach, CA. 03/23/00 -- The Hartcourt Companies,
Inc. (OTC: HRCT, Frankfurt: HCT), www.hartcourt.com,
today announced that Mr. Duc Duong has been appointed
Chief Technology Officer for The Hartcourt Companies.
Mr. Duong is the former Director of Technology for
Americast (www.americast.com), the joint partnership
of Ameritech Corp, BellSouth Corp, GTE, SNET and The
Walt Disney Company which provides 100% Digital
wireless TV service of up to 160 channels of unmatched
picture and sound quality to SBC Communications
subsidiaries. Mr. Duong is also the former Operations
Manager for Intertainer (www.intertainer.com), the
Broadband Entertainment Network providing video on
demand movies, music videos, TV shows, concerts and
shopping on demand for strategic investment partners
Microsoft Corp, Comcast Corp, Intel Corp, NBC, Sony
Corporation of America and US West Inc.

Mr. Duong obtained his BS. and MS. degrees in Computer
Science from the University of Pennsylvania and has
specialized in building network infrastructure for
E-Commerce platforms, managing data centers and Web
farms for online transactions, and the development of
wireless and broadband application delivery systems.
Mr. Duong also has expertise in RDBMS database
management and programming, Unix systems
administration, server and network security, network
load optimization, and e-business server applications
such as OpenMarket, Dynamo, and Netscape products.

Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman & CEO of Hartcourt, said: "We
are building a new team for our expanding operations.
With the appointment of Mr. Michael Bianco recently
as President and CEO of Sinobull.com and the coming
announcement of Hartcourt's new CEO, we shall have
among the best talents available to manage the
exponential growth of Hartcourt. Mr. Duong will
spearhead the task force in implementing the Innostar
project, in coordination with Innostar and eSAT Inc.
This project is expected to exceed the profit
potential of Hartcourt's subsidiary, Sinobull.com,
one of the amazing success stories of the China
Internet space. We are on our way to achieve great
results for this year."

Certain statements in this press release may
constitute "forward - looking" statements within the
meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act
of 1934. Such "forward - looking" statements involve
risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may
cause the actual results, performance or achievements
expressed or implied by such "forward - looking"
statements to differ materially from the "forward -
looking" statements.


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