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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axNeustart!

11.01.08 17:31
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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axNews müssen in der Pipeline sein (+38%)

11.01.08 17:45
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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax...das Orderbuch (aus dem ihub)

11.01.08 17:48
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5662 Postings, 4624 Tage _bbb_Wheeeeee !

11.01.08 17:56
endlich mal wieder was los hier leute !!!  

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axUSA: 0,27$ - DTL. (pari = 0,183€ - Chance...)

11.01.08 18:25 geht wieder los!


4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axTagesumsatz USA: 1mil__ Unterstützung bei 0.25$

11.01.08 19:16
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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axinteressant wird nun - nachdem DTL geschlossen ist

11.01.08 20:03
wie sich der nachmittägliche USA-Markt entwickelt.

Normalerweise - zum Wochenende Gewinnmitnahmen in USA, habe aber das Gefühl, das GTEC heut noch weiter steigt...

Vielleicht war es auch der Vorgeschmack (Insiderwissen) auf den ausstehenden Quartalsbericht Q3/2007!


4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axallen ein schönes WE (SK USA: 0.26$)

11.01.08 22:22
Tagesvolumen: 1,23 mil

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5662 Postings, 4624 Tage _bbb_moin!

12.01.08 13:21

Hier sieht man alles an Produkten und den Anteil im Marktsegment !


4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axTages-Eröffnung USA: 0,265$ (+6%)

15.01.08 15:53
entspricht ca. 0,177€


4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axNews 15.01.08 (engl.)

15.01.08 17:05

Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: Genesis Technology Strong Speculative Buy Rating In Update Coverage By Dutton Associates

16:40 15.01.08  

Dutton Associates updates its coverage of Genesis Technology Group (OTCBB:GTEC) with a Strong Speculative Buy rating and a price target of $0.42. The 20-page report by Dutton senior analyst Stanley Ng is available at as well as from First Call, Bloomberg, Zacks, Reuters, Knobias, and other leading financial portals.

We are updating our research coverage of Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises with a rating of Strong Speculative Buy, following its recent corporate restructure. Genesis operations are principally conducted through China-based Laiyang Jiangbo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Laiyang Jiangbo), is engaged in the research, development, production, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products in China. Laiyang Jiangbo is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in China producing tablets, capsules and granules for both Western and Chinese herbal-based medical drugs. Laiyang Jiangbos core products include clarithromycin sustained-release tablets, itopride hydrochloride granules, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride tablets, Baobaole chewable tablets and paracetamol tablets. In our view, Genesis offers investors an opportunity to invest in the huge and growing pharmaceutical market in China, the prospects of which are driven by a large population of 1.3 billion, increasing healthcare services due to improving affordability as a result of rapid economic growth and thus increasing affluence, and the Chinese governments policy to broaden the availability of healthcare insurance to help stimulate the demand for better quality healthcare services and drug products. Based on our revenue and net income forecasts, we expect Genesis revenue to increase 26% from $76.2 million in FY2007 to $96.2 million in FY2008 and rise 29% to $123.7 million in FY2009, while net income estimates are $19.3 million in FY2008 and $28.2 million in FY2009.

About Dutton Associates

Dutton Associates is one of the largest independent investment research firms in the U.S. Its 30 senior analysts are primarily CFAs and have expertise in many industries. Dutton Associates provides continuing analyst coverage of over 140 enrolled companies, and its research, estimates, and ratings are carried in all the major databases serving institutions and online investors.

The cost of enrollment in our one-year continuing research program is US $35,000 prepaid for 4 Research Reports, typically published quarterly, and requisite Research Notes. The Firm does not accept any equity compensation. We received $35,000 from the Company for 4 quarterly Research Reports with coverage commencing on 04/27/2007. Our principals and analysts are prohibited from owning or trading in securities of covered companies. The views expressed in this research report accurately reflect the analyst's personal views about the subject securities or issuer. Neither the analyst's compensation nor the compensation received by us is in any way related to the specific ratings or views contained in this research report or note. Please read full disclosures and analyst background at before investing.  

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax15.01.2008 : 10-KSB ...der SEC-Report ist erstellt

16.01.08 07:07

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axpositive Aufnahme der News in USA - guter Start

16.01.08 15:54

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axwichtige Anmerkung zum 10-KSB

16.01.08 16:02
The 10-KSB represents the results and financial condition of the former publicly traded holding company,
Genesis Technology Group, Inc.,
prior to its entry into a share exchange with the Company and does not represent or reflect the current results or operations of Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc.


Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc.
will file its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2007 on Form 10-Q with the SEC in February 2008.  

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axBörse-DTL ist zu, Börse-USA legt zu (+21%)

16.01.08 20:31
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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axheut Durchbruch der 0.30$-Marke zum Nachmittag ??

17.01.08 19:47

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815axdie 0,30$ liegen hinter uns... & News 17.01.08

18.01.08 16:16
- gute Tageseröffnung
- Tagespotential min. 0.35$ (möglicherweise 0.375$)

Meldung vom 17.01.08:

Genesis Pharmaceuticals and CEO Honored by Chinese Government
LAIYANG, China, Jan. 17, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB:GTEC) ("Genesis" or the "Company"), a leading pharmaceutical company in the People's Republic of China, today announced that the Company and its CEO received several awards and recognition from the city and province in which the Company is located.

The Company was recognized as 'One of the Top Tax Paying Enterprises in 2007' by Laiyang City (Laiyang City is located in Yantai City), Shandong province, which is one of China's most dynamic commercial regions. In recognition of its business success and the high quality of its products, Genesis was nominated by the government of Laiyang City to be on the list of 'Top 100 Enterprises in Yantai City 2007.' The Company was awarded 2008 membership on the distinguished China Science Technology Investment Association under the State Planning and Development Commission.

Genesis' CEO, Mr. Wubo Cao, was selected to be a representative to the People's Congress of Yentai for a five-year term, through 2013. Mr. Cao also serves as a board member for the China Science Technology Investment Association under the State Planning and Development Commission, and Deputy Chairman for both the Laiyang Consumer and the Industrial and Commerce Associations.

At Laiyang's '2007 Year-End Economy Overview Conference,' the Mayor of Laiyang, Mr. Guoqiang Yang, commented, "Genesis Pharmaceuticals and Mr. Wubo Cao are great assets to the city of Yantai and Shandong Province. Mr. Cao is a person of great integrity with excellent leadership skills. His career is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs throughout China, and I am confident that Genesis' shareholders appreciate his ability to build a public company benefiting investors, stakeholders and employees. Mr. Cao is dedicated to making Genesis a successful pharmaceutical company."

In response to the awards and recognition received by himself and Genesis, Mr. Cao said, "I am grateful for support from and recognition by city and provincial government officials. Genesis is committed to our shareholders, and I look forward to visiting the United States, where I will personally meet with many of Genesis' Wall Street and Main Street supporters."  

5662 Postings, 4624 Tage _bbb_neue produkte !

28.01.08 00:28
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4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax28.02.08 SEC filing 8-A GENESIS PHARMACEUTICALS

29.01.08 15:21

sowie diverse "Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities (Form 3)

Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc.



4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax...muss natürlich 28.01.08 lauten...

29.01.08 15:21

5662 Postings, 4624 Tage _bbb_@0815ax

03.02.08 14:56
irgendwie blick ich nicht warum diese Filings herausgekommen sind.
Da steht nix drin ausser in einem...¿
Hab ich was übersehen ?


4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax...hängt zusammen mit dem Wandel

03.02.08 15:54
GTEC (...Technologies [1]) zu GTEC (...Pharmaceuticals [2])!

[1] hatte seine Zahlen im 10K ja schon offengelegt, damit [2] das 10Q herausbringen kann, benötigt es erst ein 8k...

hoffe dies sinngemäß so verständlich gemacht zu haben (gemäß meinem Verständnis der SEC-Regularien)


5662 Postings, 4624 Tage _bbb_achso...

03.02.08 16:42
ich verstehe...d.H. wir hören bald mehr ! :)  

4951 Postings, 4608 Tage 0815ax...heute ruhig, aber: t-10Tage...

05.02.08 20:17
@ bbb:

-welcher deiner Züge startet schneller  (gtec oder swvc) ;0) ax  

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