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Gevo - Top oder Plopp

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8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09Gevo - Top oder Plopp

06.01.17 12:52
Nach einem Reverse Split  gehts meist erst ein paar Tage abwaerts.
Allerdings , wenn es keine Verkaeufer mehr gibt , nach der Abwaerts,,Pruegelei,,
ohne News / IR vernachlaessigt Aktionaere...   DANN koennte es auch zu einer zumindest
technischen Erholung kommen.  


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8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09this bots analysis ?

04.10.17 16:27
Institutional ownership trends suggest that the stock is cheap and
.. the insider trading data indicates that insiders are bearish..... !!!
Technical indicators (also) suggest that Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO) is undervalued.

das entnehmen die daraus :
In the last three months, insiders executed a total of 21 trades.21 were sells. Insider ownership decreased by a total of 294 shares, which suggests that GEVO’s key executives are feeling less optimistic about the outlook for the stock.

ja der gruber hat wieder 2 shares verkauft ..(und seine kumpels)  .lol



8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09ATJ fuer US Millitaer wird kommen

09.10.17 15:36

logisch mit dem zeugs fliegt man weiter  


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09und gapclose

09.10.17 15:40


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09gestern green day

09.11.17 10:46
To date, airlines and airports have generally relied on alternative means of supplying renewable jet fuel to the wing, usually trucking jet fuel on site for blending and fueling. For today’s Fly Green Day, Air BP blended Gevo’s ATJ with regular fossil-based Jet A fuel, certified its quality and then supplied its customers through the airport’s main fuel hydrant system.

Commercial airlines participating in today’s event are:
•United Airlines
•Cathay Pacific Airways
•Japan Airlines
•Korean Air
•Atlas Air

“This is the first time we have supplied our customers with biojet produced from alcohol and demonstrates how we are working with multiple suppliers to build a leadership position in this area,” said Air BP’s Chief Executive Officer Jon Platt. “We anticipate that through this promotion we will inspire more of our customers to use lower carbon fuels.”

“We are excited to be a part of this project. This is the next stage in development of our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward with the full commercial deployment of renewable jet fuel,” said Thorsten Luft, Vice President Corporate Fuel for Lufthansa AG



106 Postings, 1664 Tage maxiiimaxNEWS out !!

11.12.17 15:18

2847 Postings, 5842 Tage HiGhLiFEhier scheint sich dieses Jahr

20.12.17 10:43
nix mehr zu tun. Hoffen wir aufs nächste. Bleibe aber drin, da ich optimistisch bin, dass der Laden früher oder später Fahrt aufnimmt.  


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09kursreaktion 1 tag spaeter

05.01.18 01:51

The reduction in corporate expense is expected to be driven by a series of measures:

   Mike Willis, Gevo’s Chief Financial Officer, has entered into a mutual separation agreement and is expected to leave the company in early January 2018.  Gevo does not currently plan on replacing the Chief Financial Officer at this time.

   Certain executive officers who are remaining with the company have volunteered to take a reduction in compensation, including Dr. Patrick Gruber, Gevo’s Chief Executive Officer, who has agreed, at his discretion, to a salary reduction of 30% in 2018.

   Gevo will reduce its overall headcount in Englewood, CO, by approximately 40%, as compared to the peak employee level in 2017.

   Gevo’s employees will forego their 2017 annual cash bonus.

   A systematic review of all non-employee expenses across the company has been undertaken, and reductions have or will be made wherever possible.  

we have a “chicken and egg” problem.  Large scale product demand requires us to drive cost out of our production processes, which we expect to be able to achieve through greater production scale.  


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09abwaertsdreieck nach norden aufgeloest

05.01.18 01:55


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8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09the bookvalue ...

08.01.18 04:15
Recent Performance
For the three months ended September 30th, 2017 vs September
30th, 2016, Gevo reported revenue of $7.70MM vs $6.94MM (up
10.87%) and basic earnings per share -$0.25 vs -$2.04.
Last Quarter Results
The Book value per share was 3.3421 while operating cash flow
per share was -0.9959. Gevo has a current ratio of 1.5426:1.
Leverage: Debt to common equity was 0.3023. Return on equity
was -6.2545% while return on assets was -4.4234%. Net profit
market as a percentage of total revenue was -53.9421%.
Latest Annual Results
For the twelve months ended December 31st, 2016 vs December
31st, 2015, Gevo reported revenue of $27.21MM vs $30.14MM
(down 9.70%) and basic earnings per share -$9.68 vs -$51.61.



8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09heut Entscheidung / Fehlausbruch ?

08.01.18 04:18


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8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09seite

08.01.18 04:21


11 Postings, 599 Tage Homo Aktiensusyahoo finance

10.01.18 20:54
1y target 8.50$

8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09supi gruber ...neues allzeittief

02.02.18 19:26
gut gemacht ...weiter soooo


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09No one rings a bell when the bear market's over

21.03.18 02:32
Sentiment indicators can be used by investors to see how optimistic or pessimistic people are to current market conditions.
Nur weil wir hier alle auf Minusertraegen sitzen , heisst das noch lange nicht , dass der Laden ploetzlich nur noch Sch....  ist . Die letzten Anstiege waren unter hohem Volumen , ueber 4.5 Mill
waehrend die Abverkaeufe unter Minimalvolumen stattfanden ...
Es muessen also Interessenten unterwegs sein , die das bewerkstelligen...
Der oilprice steigt , Trumps Ohrfeige gegen  der Reform des Renewable Fuel Standard
( a federal program that requires transportation fuels sold in the U.S. to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels ) wird verdaut .
Das Isobutanol hat sowieso die Gewichtsreduktion bei der Befuellung
(und damit Beladung durch anderes) der Flugzeuge und nicht nur
den Emmissionsvorteil.
Gruber wartet anscheinend auf die Lizenseinnahmen durch Praj India.um endlich seine Laborproduktionskapazitaeten zu erhoehen.



8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09Volumen

21.03.18 02:36
bei Gruenkerzen :  


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8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09q4

28.03.18 22:32


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09ueber 1 $ (vor letztem RS) Nasdaq notice

19.06.18 18:38


8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09Zacks

03.04.19 22:11
We have handpicked four investment worthy stocks from the Zacks Solar and Alternative Energy industries that carry a solid Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or #2 (Buy) and possess solid growth traits
Gevo, Inc. GEVO: For this San Francisco, CA-based renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for current-year earnings indicates year-over-year improvement of 75%. It came up with average positive surprise of 5.9% in the trailing four quarters. It carries a Zacks Rank #2.


3000 Postings, 172 Tage Gonzoderersteich finde

03.04.19 22:16
nichts wirklich informatives über Gevo, gibt es irgendwo eine Firmenbeschreibung?  

2847 Postings, 5842 Tage HiGhLiFEauf der homepage

04.04.19 11:57


3000 Postings, 172 Tage Gonzodererste:-))

04.04.19 12:09
die habe ich natürlich auch gesehen, ich dachte eher an unabhängige Informationen.

Trotzdem Danke  

8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09Gruber , die AbzockDrecksau

29.05.19 12:41
99% Aktienwertverlust bei Gehaltsverdopplung CEOin 3 Jahren


2847 Postings, 5842 Tage HiGhLiFEkeiner mehr dabei?

30.06.19 20:31
habe wieder eine stattliche Posi aufgebaut zu diesen günstigen Kursen zumal sich die Insider jetzt auch wieder eingedeckt haben.  


106 Postings, 1664 Tage maxiiimaxDoch,immer noch!

01.07.19 15:46
Und habe auch step By step nachgelegt ;)
Bin weiter gespannt  

8181 Postings, 3991 Tage thai09die klimahysterie sollte

08.07.19 20:59
die alternativen antreiben .
auch wenn  der  angeblich menschgemachte klimaf..k keine korrelation zur erderwaermung hat , so solls mir in dem fall recht sein..  wenn massendummheit und hysterie zum kurstreiber wird .
die pet flaschen koenntens bei der gelegenheit eher in angriff nehmen , ueberall schwimmt der plastic muell, gruber hat ein patent und konzept fuer kompostierbare verpackungen. scheint aber den daemlichen medien untergeordnet zu sein , weil fuer den plastedreck wird bereits auf bezahlt.


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