EXNT, EnXnet, 2008!

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16.04.08 16:37
EXNT läuft wieder an. Die Hoffnung stirbt als letztes ist hier wohl der Spruch schlechthin.

Seit einigen Tagen äuft EXNT mit auffallend größeren Voluminas!

Ich schätze, dass hier einige einsteigen...

Was wird da wohl kommen???

aktuell rt 0,73  bei ASK @ 0,79 (US)

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88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeEXNT

16.04.08 21:30
um andere auf EXNT aufmerksam zu machen. Das letzte schien mir zu eingeschlafen... können auch wieder in das andere; mir egal!  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeAbschlußkurs 16.04.08

16.04.08 22:02
über 50000 Volumen,

0,705 am Ende  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeexnt

17.04.08 10:16
Einen erfolgreichen Tag wünsche ich!

natürlich auch mit EXNT!!!  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeEndkurs

18.04.08 06:57

68 US-Cent bei wieder gutem Volumen von fast 60000 Stück...


9110 Postings, 5808 Tage pacorubioheute mal kurz 0,8

18.04.08 17:12
durchbruch bitte  

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18.04.08 19:05

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der große80

18.04.08 19:12
geht es jetzt durch die 80???  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großenews

18.04.08 19:19
wir brauchen richtig geile news!

irgend etwas muß kommen! Die Voluminas sind mir zu auffällig  

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18.04.08 19:29
Es wird bald was kommen.

Letzte Woche Mega Volumen am Freitag (Insider haben was gehört...)
Dann leicht abwärts... bis dann evtl. nächste Woche schon ein Knaller? kommt?  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeNews

23.04.08 18:01
EnXnet, Inc. Prepares First Order Of The MultiMedia Gift Card(TM) for Delivery
Apr 23, 2008 10:00:00 AM


EnXnet, Inc. (OTCBB: EXNT) (German WKN# AOHMDW) is pleased to announce that they have finally received the content from DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation (DMC) www.dmcrehab.com for the first order of 10,000 MultiMedia Gift Cards(TM). This will mark the introduction of this product into the open market.

DMC, one of the leaders in the New York City tri-state area for rehab and personal training, will be using this card for special promotions and giveaways through several different medical professionals, major sporting events as well as at high schools, colleges and other sport venues. There will be links to the DMC website, newsletter, TV commercials and a special printable coupon web page. It is the diversity of the gift card that makes all these options possible. DMC has several doctors and venues that have already informed patrons and clientele that the cards will soon be available. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

"To be delivering our first product to the market is a monumental moment for EnXnet," stated Ryan Corley, CEO of EnXnet, Inc. "We are prepared to begin production and delivery of additional MultiMedia Gift Cards(TM) to the market. Now that the product is ready, our main focus is to continue to ramp up our delivery capabilities as quickly as possible."  

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23.04.08 19:16

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großevon stockreportcard

23.04.08 19:17
Everyone has been asking - if EXNT can make the cards then why have they not taken an order and delivered yet? Well here is your answer. See the attached press release from today. The first delivery is going out and will be used in the market for the first time. Today's press release is a monumental step for this company and the shareholders of EXNT.

There are many more orders that will be accepted soon and the ball will really get rolling. The marketing partner www.iactivecard.com EXNT and the manufacturing partner are all being very calculated in rolling out the product to ensure the successful introduction of this product to the market. And I am sure that everyone wants the successful delivery of tens of millions of gift cards. However, this now appears to be a forgone conclusion. The big question is how quickly they ramp up production and deliver additional cards to the market. Very soon the whole credit card, debit card, and gift card industry will be well aware that this Multi Media Gift Card is and will be the product of choice. There is just no denying it. You will learn this as well as more as the information continues to come out on what has been accomplished over the past 6 months and the delivery of more units to the market is announced.

In my own opinion, I would be very shocked if EnXnet is not a take over target in the coming year to 18 months. I just cannot see the major players in this industry allowing EXNT to take control of the Gift Card arena. I just do not see any downside exposure here and if there were any downward activity I would think it would most assuredly be very short lived.

There is no hype needed. The facts are the only requirement for higher values. The fundamental value of this company is what will be driving the share price of EXNT in the market. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is pure and simple has turned into a value play with extreme upside potential. EnXnet now has something that is of great value to the market. Wall Street has begun to take notice of this little gem and will continue to watch and the audience will begin to exponentially grow. Keep your eye on this and enjoy the coming spring and summer. Oh, and do not forget about the upcoming holiday season, It should be an exciting one for all of us.


James M. Farinella, President
Integrated Capital Partners, Inc.  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großewo gehts hin?

16.05.08 14:01
bis 80, dann wieder runter bis Anfang 40 und jetzt wieder up???

Wieso teilweise diese großen Voluminas?

Das wird schon werden.  

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30.07.08 11:08
EnXnet, Inc. Receives MultiMedia Gift Card(TM) Mold Back At Manufacturing Plant - Begins Preparation To Deliver Product To Market
Jul 29, 2008 4:01:00 PM
Copyright Business Wire 2008


EnXnet, Inc., (OTCBB: EXNT) (German WKN# A0HMDW) is pleased to report the mold required for the manufacture of the MultiMedia Gift Card(TM) has been received back in Texas. The mold was returned to the European producer several weeks ago for some very slight and technical adjustments.

The mold is being placed on the manufacturing line and new cards will be produced over the next few days. This product will be sent to the main retailers and clientele that are requesting cards for placement into their outlets. Once they see the cards with the adjustments that were requested, then purchase orders will be taken for the first large scale production and delivery of the card to the marketplace.

"I am well aware of everyone's desire to get the product to the market and see cards being delivered. However, we want to deliver the best product possible since we are dealing with large and well-known customers," stated Ryan Corley. "Now, going forward, we should be the best of the best with a product that is just unmatched in the market place."

Again, on July 30, 2008 at 1:00pm Eastern United States Time zone will be a CEO Conference call to discuss the mold, production, potential orders, the state of the company and other products in the pipe line including the Medical D-Tect-OR. The call-in line will be open at 12:50pm and callers are encouraged to be on the call before 1:00pm as the conference call will promptly begin on time. The call-in number for United States residents is 888-808-6929 and the access code is 1049631. International callers are to call in using +213-787-0529 and the access code is 1049631.  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeVolumen and Call

30.07.08 17:56
19.00 Uhr beginnt der Call

Das Volumen steigt.  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeDaten für den call

30.07.08 18:52
The call-in line will be open at 12:50pm and callers are encouraged to be on the call before 1:00pm, as the conference call will promptly begin on time. The call-in number for United States residents is 888-808-6929 and the access code is 1049631. International callers are to call in using +213-787-0529 and the access code is 1049631.  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großecall

30.07.08 19:44
noch jemand mitgehört?

Allgemeines über die Produkte, usw.  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeund nun?

30.07.08 21:01

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großeweiterer Verlauf

05.08.08 15:44
Ich hoffe es kommen weitere News in der nächsten Zeit. Damit der Kurs endlich mal oben bleibt und nicht wieder herum dümpelt!  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großefettes Volumen

02.10.08 22:03
EXNT back? Wer weiß das schon. Jedenfalls gab es heute ein durch fast nur Käufe gestütztes gutes Volumen!

Her mit den News!  

88 Postings, 4917 Tage erik der großewer da?

04.11.08 17:52

gibt es noch EXNT-ler?

alt oder neu?

Ist das Tief erreicht?  

4799 Postings, 4066 Tage noenoughbin auch noch dabei

06.10.10 17:26
das teil macht extreme sprünge hoch runter hoch da kommt die tage noch ein großer zock wie überall!  


4799 Postings, 4066 Tage noenoughleute hier geht noch was!

11.10.10 14:23
abwarten ruhe bewahren!  


4799 Postings, 4066 Tage noenoughhab mal wieder gekauft heute

19.10.10 00:03
ein guter zock bei 2 cent!  


3 Postings, 3819 Tage gratziano1gibt es hier noch investierte

25.07.12 20:53
da scheint sich ja was zu tun.....
weiss jemand genaueres?  

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