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24.01.13 07:37
wird seit heute Nacht von AwesomeStocks Promoter

Letzte Pick war Wuhn der lief am ersten Tag 700%  

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24.01.13 07:38
and Welcome to our new subscribers,

A few years ago we saw a pharmaceutical company named Vermillion (Ticker VRML) rise from $0.05 to over $30.00 for gains of over 60,000%!

Last year we saw Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (Ticker PPHM) rise from $0.40 to $5.50 in a few shorts months for gains of +1,275%.

Could tonight's new alert be this years big pharmacuetical winner?

Lets get right to it...

CWNM - Crown Marketing Pharmaceuticals

Last Trade: $0.173


CWNM engages in the wholesale distribution of non-addictive generic pharmaceutical products to distributors. The company also focuses on licensing the controlled release technology (CDDT) to pharmaceutical companies; and developing proprietary applications of CDDT to generic pharmaceuticals and/or over-the-counter medications, and nutraceuticals. In addition, it intends to develop the applications of CDDT to the veterinary industry.

CWNM's patented and scientifically-proven technology aims not only to improve the safety and pharmacokinetics of controlled-release medication, but also to streamline the manufacturing process for existing facilities without significant upgrade investment.

Current CDDT processes, despite continual improvements, still rely on dissolvable coatings or hydrophilic matrix processes to deliver medication over a period of time. Coatings are only effective when they remain intact, causing a potential risk to the patient when cracks or breaks occur in a pill. Hydrophilic matrices, though more effective than traditional coatings, are created from an estimation of stomach acids and other fluids to break down the matrix, and their effectiveness is entirely dependent on each patient’s body matching these same estimates. Because no two patients are the same, even the most advanced time-release medications can cause potential spikes of toxicity or decreased bioavailability in different patients.

CWNM seeks to change that process entirely, providing for a more sustained and sustainable release of medication in each individual patient through their patented technology. CWNM's process allows for the potential of a true 24-hour sustained-release product without the excessive overhead of chemical remanufacturing for matrix process medications, and without the risks associated with cracked or broken pill coatings.

The Global Market for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Totaled More Than $134 Billion in 2008, and is Projected to Increase to $196 Billion by 2014...

This Rapid Growth Trend comes at a Time where the U.S. Economy has been Struggling as a Whole and Drug Delivery Systems have continued to show Rapid Growth!

Currently trading just above $0.17, CWNM is down significantly from its 52-Week High of $1.01.

If CWNM was to climb back to it's 52 week high this would offer potential gains of +480% from current trading levels!

Continue your research on CWNM at the companies website & stay tune for further updates ahead.

Happy Trading,

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24.01.13 07:38
Hello Everyone,
and Welcome to our new subscribers,

CWNM has made headlines recently with numerous announcements regarding its extensive patented technology.

Back on December 19th, CWNM announced that its Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we take oral medication.

CWNM's CDDT is a novel controlled-release technology that harnesses the principles of diffusion through precise mathematical formulas.

CWNM believes the spectrum and reliability of pharmacokinetic profiles achievable with this technology is superior to currently marketed devices and formulations. CWNM's simple design allows for a high level of flexibility in matching chronotherapeutic requirements. Cost-efficiencies in the commercial manufacturing process, when compared to other drug delivery technologies, may constitute its most important competitive advantage.

On January 16th, CWNM announced that it's Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) will focus on utilizing its unique and novel controlled drug delivery device to assist pharmaceutical companies in their lifecycle management strategies to extend patent life for blockbuster drugs.

Japanese Patent Application

On January 17th, CWNM announced it's Japanese Patent application, Sustained Release Delivery Systems for Solutes, has been approved and registered.

The intellectual property supporting the Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) is comprehensively formulated to allow for the broad application of the technology with regard to the mode of administration, the desired release pattern, the type of compounds employed and the dosage form.

The technology can be employed to regulate time to first release of drug, the extent of the initial bolus release and the duration of the remaining controlled release. These programmable release profiles may be adjusted for considerations given to the different gastric and intestinal environments.

The technology is suited for the formulation of nutraceuticals, prescription and OTC drugs. In particular, the patent applications cover drug delivery devices that allow for linear, sustained-release of solutes with adjustable initial release kinetics.


Just this morning CWNM made further progress by announcing that it's patent Counsel in India has filed a Statement regarding the working of the patented invention on a commercial scale in India in the matter of Patent No. 204009.

CWNM is committed to developing and licensing its CDDT technology in one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. By submitting this filing, Crown has preserved its patent rights in India.

Continue your research on CWNM at the companies website & make sure to have CWNM on your screen tomorrow morning because with such recent positive news being released the stock could see big gains ahead!

Happy Trading,

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24.01.13 07:44
es handelt sich um pump and dump

jeder muss selbst wissen was er tut  

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24.01.13 12:09

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15.01.14 21:37
Boden gefunden jetzt geht up?

Unentdeckte WEED Aktien: Crown Marketing Taps 100 Million Dollar Fund for Medical Marijuana  

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16.01.14 23:49
L2 war heute wieder sehr dünn nach Oben, sobald etwas Volumen reinkommt wird CWNM richtig steigen.

WEED run ist noch nicht vorbei, und die suche nach letzte ungedeckten WEED  Werten dauern nicht mehr lang bis CWNM entdeckt wird.

Immer hin könnten die bereits 100 Million Dollar für Medical Marijuana sichern.

CWNM bleibt #1 Wert auf meiner WL , man hat ja gesehen wie schnell bzw. wie hoch einzelne WEED Aktien steigen können ;-))

Hier hat jeder die Möglichkeit von Anfang an dabei zu sein.

Bei CC ist die Aktie nur telefonisch handelbar, falls jemand Interesse hat


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17.01.14 13:54
der weed run ist sicher nicht vorbei
und deutschland wird bald nachziehehn  

722 Postings, 2469 Tage Denny MeanCWNM

17.01.14 15:17
ich glaube die geht balt richtig los
der chart sieht gut aus  

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17.01.14 15:21
15.30Uhr kurs Nord  

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ausgegraben. Bin mal gespannt wo die Reise noch hingehen wird.  

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