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Commerce Resources Seltene Erden Tantal Niob

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5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatCommerce Resources Seltene Erden Tantal Niob

15.08.19 10:17
Spammer und spamfreier Thread zu Commerce Resources, Seltene Erden, Tantal und Niob.  
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5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatWith this discount to market I am going to add. MK

28.08.19 17:01
Mike Kachanovsky: With this discount to market I am going to add to my position


That works out to less than 3 cents a share for stock that was trading at 7 cents not too long ago, pre-consolidation. But I understand how these things work and they need to raise the $3 million to be able to move this project forward. Sitting back and waiting has not done much for the stock, so hopefully they get some good shareholders on board and create some value with that money. I still hold a core position from several years ago, but the price here is compelling enough, and the value of the Ashram project attractive enough for me to buy at this level.


CCE runs a paid ad on this website.


Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/...stid=30074648#BrhfyxexeuH8jIQ3.99  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairat#43 #44

28.08.19 17:08
It was not immediately clear if the Pentagon would partner with Lynas Corp, the world's largest rare earths miner and processor outside of China, or another Australian entity, Reuters said.


5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatNews Werbung Alt Aktionäre ran ans PP

29.08.19 01:46
Commerce Resources Corp. To Utilize Existing Shareholder Prospectus Exemption in $3 M Private Placement

August 28, 2019
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August 28, 2019 – Commerce Resources Corp. (TSXv: CCE, FSE: D7H) (the “Company” or “Commerce”) announces that, further to its News Release of August 27, 2019, the Company is encouraging existing shareholders in permitted jurisdictions to participate in the private placement of units (each, a “Unit”) at a price of $0.26 per Unit (the “Offering”).Each Unit will consist of one common share of the Company (each, a “Share”) and one common share purchase warrant (each, a “Warrant”), with each Warrant entitling the holder to purchase one Share at a price of $0.35 per Share for the first year, and $0.50 for the second year following the closing of the Offering.

The aggregate gross proceeds from the sale of the Offering will be used to advance the developments of the Company’s Ashram Rare Earth Deposit in Quebec, including the re-start and completion of the pilot plant at Hazen Research in Golden, Colorado, for inclusion in the ongoing Pre-feasibility study, and for the production of representative samples of rare earth oxides for delivery to industry majors, as requested. Prior to the re-start of the pilot plant at Hazen, the Company expects the completion of the metallurgical reports from the previous operation of the pilot plant detailing the production of rare earth concentrate samples achieved. Currently, the upgrading of the fluorite concentrate, produced during the previous operation of the pilot plant at Hazen, is underway, with the intent of delivering an acid grade fluorspar sample, to Glencore and Norfalco Sales, as requested.

A portion or all of the Offering may be completed pursuant to BC Instrument 45-534 – Exemption from Prospectus Requirement for Certain Trades to Existing Security Holders (the “Existing Security Holder Exemption”). Under this exemption, existing shareholders resident in BC may purchase up to $15,000 in securities from the Company without qualifying as an accredited investor or other prospectus exemption. Similar exemptions exist in certain other jurisdictions. The Company has set August 26, 2019 as the record date for the purpose of determining shareholders entitled to participate in the Offering in reliance on the Existing Shareholder Exemption. Existing shareholders who wish to participate in the Offering should contact the Company at the contact information set forth below. In the event that aggregate subscriptions for Units under the Offering exceed the maximum number of securities to be distributed, then Units will be sold to qualifying subscribers on a pro rata basis based on the number of Units subscribed for. In addition to conducting the Offering pursuant to the Existing Shareholder Exemption, the Offering will also be conducted pursuant to other available prospectus exemptions.

All securities issued in connection with the Offering will be subject to a statutory hold period expiring four months and one day after closing of the Offering. Completion of the Offering is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”).

About Commerce Resources Corp.

Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on deposits of rare metals and rare earth elements. The Company is focused on the development of its Ashram Rare Earth Element Deposit in Quebec and the Upper Fir Tantalum-Niobium Deposit in British Columbia.

For more information, please visit the corporate website at www.commerceresources.com or email info@commerceresources.com.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors

“Chris Grove”
Chris Grove
President and Director


5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatNeues Interview mit Chris Grove in englisch

29.08.19 20:11

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatInterview Link scheint nicht zu funzen

30.08.19 11:46

Hier steht’s auch...  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatTo Combat China, Pentagon Races To Develop REEs

30.08.19 18:48
To derisk and decrease reliance on China, the Pentagon also held talks with Canada and countries within Africa to develop rare earth reserves.


5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatInstitutional Ownership in Commerce Resources

31.08.19 18:13
Institutionelle Beteiligung an Commerce Resources

Ressources Québec 6,47%
Zimtu Capital Corp. 5,69%.
Marquest Asset Management 2,43%.

Chris Grove: Commerce existiert weiterhin durch die besondere Großzügigkeit von Zimtu Capital, die uns weiterhin finanziell unterstützt hat und bei der wir eine Schuld von über 1 Mio. CAD aufgebaut haben, sowie durch die Geduld der Schuldner wie Dahrouge Geological, denen wir seit etwa 4 Jahren etwa 250.000,00 $ schulden. (Email)

Wenn diese Schulden in Aktien umgewandelt werden, könnte Ressources Quebec an einer PP teilnehmen, um die Anzahl der Aktien zu erhöhen, und um den Status als größter Aktionär zu behalten.  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatTja, andere hams auch nicht leichter,

03.09.19 18:07
Tja, andere hams auch nicht leichter, vertrauen aber auf Ashram als SE Quelle Ucore has offered no factual challenge to Dr. Hammond's finding that the 2013 PEA relied on price predictions based on a three-year average, incorporating the mid-2011 REE price bubble, that gives economic results that are invalid today. REE price assumptions used by Dr. Hammond were based on Asian Metal publications for the April 2019 time period and were on average 80% lower than the values used in the 2013 PEA. Dr. Hammond's sensitivity analysis indicates that today's rare earth oxide prices would have to increase by a minimum factor of seven to eight (7 to 8) in order for the Bokan Mine to achieve a nominal after tax return of 12%.



5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatDie Amerikaner werden noch viel Lehrgeld zahlen

05.09.19 08:06
Militärische Bedrohung: Die chinesische Gefahr

Dramatisches Fazit einer neuen Studie des renommierten United States Studies Centre der australischen Universität Sydney: China ist mittlerweile militärisch so stark, dass Peking die Amerikaner und ihre dortigen Verbündeten wie Australien oder Südkorea im indopazifischen Raum in kurzer Zeit überrollen könnte.


Pentagon looks down under to cut China out of its technologically critical rare earth supply chain

“We’re concerned about any fragility in the supply chain, and especially where an adversary controls the supply,” Lord said.


Da macht es dann viel Sinn auf eine Landverbindund zur SE Liegenschaft zu verzichten...nmM  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatUS SE-Konter in Afrika, Australien und Grönland?

05.09.19 16:51
[quote=umkehrformation;61416107]ich glaube die jungs aus trumpistan wollen erstmal australien den chinesen "wegnehmen"
also: fuss rein damit wir da sind - dann gehts an "unsere" quellen[/quote]

Da könnte was dran sein:

There is more to President Trump’s engagement with Greenland than meets the eye. Though some have panned his comments, seasoned observers believe the president’s motivations are part of a broader effort to secure a U.S. supply of rare earth elements amid a burgeoning reliance on China for this essential material. In June, the U.S. quietly signed an agreement with the Arctic country to survey its land to help spur mineral exploration. Greenland is believed to house a significant resource of rare earths, a group of elements necessary for critical defense and commercial technology. These efforts follow a growing interest, within U.S. policy circles, in rare earth dependency. However, if policymakers want to get serious about securing U.S. access to rare earths, any real solution must include investing in our domestic production capabilities.


Exclusive: Pentagon eyes rare earth supplies in Africa in push away from China


Pentagon looks down under to cut China out of its technologically critical rare earth supply chain

Afrika, Australien, Grönland, da hat der chinesische SE Hase schon lange "Ick bin da" gerufen.
Vielleicht treten die Amerikaner nun dort auf um ihrerseits an den Speck zu kommen. Vielleicht sollte Chris mal mehr die chinesische Karte spielen, site visite oder Präsentationen im chinesischen Bereich damit die Amerikaner aufwachen...nmM  

7974 Postings, 4799 Tage daxcrash2000chris die china karte spielen...

05.09.19 17:13
dann baut trump ne mauer um den ashram LOL  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatGehts jetzt los??

05.09.19 18:55




5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatAshram an die Chinesen verkaufen

05.09.19 18:57
Für $300M und Blue River damit entwickeln...nmM  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatGibts eigentlich einen Junktim beim PP?

05.09.19 19:00
Ohne Commerce Aktien zu besitzen, kann man am PP nicht teilnehmen, 1:1??
Greift desshalb der Fond gerade rein?  

7974 Postings, 4799 Tage daxcrash2000wer weiss wer da noch so reingreift

05.09.19 19:24

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatJunktim und Differenz zum PP Kurs

05.09.19 19:39
Desshalb steigst? Weil wer den gemeingefährlich, günstigen PP Kurs mitsamt Warrant will, muss Commerce im Depot haben ? wenn ich da richtig liege, könnte es noch weiter steigen ? Weil gleichzeitig je höher es steigt, umso günstiger sieht der PP Kurs aus...nmM  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatEuropa, USA treiben weg vom chinesischen Flussspat

10.09.19 22:03
Europa, USA treiben weg vom chinesischen Flussspat
Veröffentlicht: Montag, 02. September 2019

Die Folgen der chinesischen Umweltinspektionen haben die Flussspatlieferungen an den Rest der Welt im Jahr 2018 behindert, und das Material ist jetzt teurer, obwohl Qualität und Lieferung nicht garantiert sind. Michael Greenfield untersucht, wie europäische und US-amerikanische Verbraucher des Minerals anderswo suchen, um ihre Lieferketten zu sichern.

China diktiert die globalen Mineralienmärkte seit fast drei Jahrzehnten, dank seiner Produktionsdominanz in vielen Rohstoffsektoren. Für viele der Mineralien, die sie in großen Mengen exportiert, hat sich der Schwerpunkt jedoch vom Bergbau auf den Wertschöpfungsbereich der Lieferkette verlagert.


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5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatDas ist neu auf Commerce hp

10.09.19 22:14
The Ashram Deposit
Rare Earth Elements/ Fluorspar
Quebec, Canada

August 2019

Strategic supply relationship with Glencore
In April 2016, the Commerce Resources signed a Binding Memorandum of Understanding with NorFalco Sales for sulphuric acid supply
• NorFalco to be the sole provider of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) for the Ashram Rare Earth Element Project.
• Highly competitive market rates and terms.
• NorFalco is a division of Glencore Canada Corporation.
• Glencore is a global commodities trader, including acid-grade fluorspar – feedstock for the production of hydrofluoric acid (HF).
2019: Fluorspar prices hit US$600/ ton - poised to break all-time highs.


Fluorspar im Titel der Präsentation ist neu.
Wie man hört arbeiten die bei Hazen fleißig am Fluorspar und dann gibts dazu wohl auch ne News...nmM  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatChinesisches SE Rückverfolgbarkeitssystem

12.09.19 15:11
Department of Raw Material Industry von MIIT: Beschleunigen Sie den Aufbau eines Rückverfolgbarkeitssystems für die Seltenerd-Industrie.

Um den Aufbau des Rückverfolgbarkeitssystems für seltene Erdenprodukte weiter voranzutreiben, beauftragte das Department of Raw Material Industry von MIIT das CCID mit der Organisation einer technischen Schulung über das Rückverfolgbarkeitssystem dieser Materialien in Baotou. Wichtige Provinz- (regionale) und kommunale Industriebehörden, Vertreter von sechs Seltenerdgruppenunternehmen und deren nachgeordneten Bergbau-, Schmelz- und Trennungsunternehmen nahmen an der Schulungstagung teil.

DeepL übersetzt

Warum wollen die Chinesen ein Rückverfolgbarkeitssystem für Seltene Erden. Möglicherweise kommt ein chinesisches Seltene Erden Embargo ??  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatStrasse

12.09.19 20:47
Kanadische Unterhauswahl 2019 Die kanadischen Unterhauswahlen 2019...finden am oder vor dem 21. Oktober 2019 statt. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanadische_Unterhauswahl_2019

Regarding the road, I personally think that – because we have a federal election looking – the Quebec Govt. is waiting to see if the Federal Govt. will pitch in on the funding. The docking facility is also part of this, and IS a political issue because of the Inuit’s need for infrastructure, jobs, etc. Either way, I really do believe that things are moving strongly in our favour on that matter. Both Provincial and Federal governments are going to have to do something at some point in the near future.



5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatAshram pot 2nd largest fluorspar producer/world

12.09.19 22:07
“The Ashram, with the current production scenario of 4,000 tonnes of extraction per day, with approximately 8% of the deposit being fluorite, would be the 2nd largest producer of fluorspar in the world, while also producing just under 17,000 tonnes of REO.”


CG Please see attached the MOU we signed with Glencore back in 2016 when the global price for acid grade fluorspar was somewhere in the $200.00 USD per tonne price range.

It is now somewhere north of $500.00 and we have seen sales as high as $600.00 USD per tonne in the last year, and the reason for this is because China has gone from being the single largest producer to a net importer of fluorspar.

The reason for this fundamental shift is the same reason as to why China is also a net importer of REE's and that is because the Chinese Government has shut down many polluting mining projects and generally speaking, REE mines and fluorspar mines have been terrible polluters.


Stay tuned...  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatRE Pot Flussspateinnahmen: 52,8 Millionen USD/Jahr

14.09.19 04:18
Das Hazen-Labor arbeitet gerade am Flussspat. Dies ist wahrscheinlich das nächste News, die wir herausgeben können. Wie Sie wissen, haben wir bereits Teil 1 einer Vereinbarung mit Norfalco /Glencore, und dieser verbesserte Flussspat ist für den Abschluss der Vereinbarung von wesentlicher Bedeutung.
Des weiteren von großer Bedeutung ist die Tatsache, dass dieses wertvolle Flussspat-Nebenprodukt nie in unsere ursprüngliche PEA einbezogen wurde. Mit anderen Worten, unsere Wirtschaftlichkeit sollte noch besser sein als zuvor veröffentlicht.

Mehr dazu unter https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.cce/...MBc4fUd9oqYIx4.99

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5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatRERE Pot. Flussspateinnahmen: $52,8 M pro Jahr

15.09.19 17:21
I met with Nick Hazen and Christel Bemelmans (one of the head metallurgists at Hazen) on Wednesday August 21 here in Vancouver and they informed me that they would begin the upgrading process for our fluorite concentrate that is produced as one of two products from the Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separation (WHIMS), while the other is our REE concentrate.

Nick informed me that they would work in parallel on the 12 kilos of fluorite concentrate they had from the previous operation of the pilot plant, as well as starting from scratch to see if they could also improve the recoveries by column flotation, over what had been achieved back during the previous pilot plant operation - which were quite good, but as metallurgists, they are always looking for ways to optimize.

When I sat down with Glencore in Toronto in June, they informed me that China had become a net importer and that they were again possibly interested in an investment with us, with the caveat that they would still like to receive a representative sample of what we could produce in terms of an acid grade fluorspar sample.

The Ashram, with the current production scenario of 4,000 tonnes of extraction per day, with approximately 8% of the deposit being fluorite, would be the 2nd largest producer of fluorspar in the world, while also producing just under 17,000 tonnes of REO.

It is this fluorspar that Glencore is very interested in, and I will keep you posted as this develops.  

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairat#67

15.09.19 17:22

5649 Postings, 3005 Tage thairatNiob CG: Bohrprogramm Phase II erste Hälfte 2020

16.09.19 19:23
Niob Claim Group: Bohrprogramm Phase II erstes Halbjahr 2020

Basierend auf den guten Ergebnissen des Phase-I-Bohrprogramms ist eine Phase II für die erste Hälfte des Jahres 2020 geplant und wird sich auf die weitere Beschreibung der Mineralisierung bei Mallard konzentrieren, während die Aussicht auf eine erste Mineralressourcenschätzung zusteuert. Mehrere Bohrlöcher können auch an den Zielen Spoke und Miranna abgeschlossen werden, die sich entlang des Streichens der Mallard im Nord-Nordwesten befinden. Angesichts der geologischen Gegebenheiten des Gebietes sowie der Art und Ausrichtung der Mineralisierung besteht für Mallard ein vernünftiges Potenzial, sich mit den Zielen Spoke und Miranna zu verbinden (Abbildung 4), und ein Hauptziel der Bohrungen wird es sein, diese Theorie zu testen.


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