Alteryx - einer der erfolgreichsten IPOs aus 2017

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62525 Postings, 7555 Tage KickyAYX Accelarating Digtal Transformation in Covidtim

19.05.20 16:35

62525 Postings, 7555 Tage KickyAYX Pioneering The APA Market

19.05.20 16:37

62525 Postings, 7555 Tage Kickygute Analyse von Motley Fool

22.05.20 19:58
....What's especially impressive is the broad range of industries where its analytics tools are used. Notable customers added this quarter included Royal Bank of Canada, tech communication specialist Vodafone, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Even as governments were issuing stay-at-home orders and non-essential businesses were closing, Alteryx signed up a number of companies in the travel and oil industry including Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Copa Airlines, and Chevron U.S.A.

Even as the coronavirus is upending business plans around the world, Alteryx is ensuring it can thrive in the years ahead.
Adapting in the face of COVID-19
The company has almost $1 billion in cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet, and last quarter generated $20 million in operating cash flow. It suspended its revenue guidance beyond the second quarter,and rescheduled its 2020 in-person conferences to next year in lieu of hosting a digital event.
The company (like many others) shifted to a work-from-home operation to ensure employee safety, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. For customers, it launched a Virtual Solution Center that enables them to connect with solutions engineers and experts directly. ..."  

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04.06.20 18:59
Bist du hier investiert?
Was mich zusätzlich interessiert, ob du auch Aktien langfristig hältst?
Also ich selber bin eher der Langfristig orientierte Anleger, der seine Gewinne ab 100% normalerweise wieder raus nimmt. Bis jetzt habe ich 5 Aktien in meinem Depot die das erreicht haben. Lege seit ca. 2017 Geld an der Börse an und seit ca. Mitte 2018 auch meistens langfristig  

62525 Postings, 7555 Tage Kickyich war investiert in AYX

04.06.20 19:11
habe sie auf der Watchlist
hab mir ein paarmal die Finger verbrannt in Crashs und halte daher nix mehr langfristig

ich denke, ich kann sie mir ja auch wieder holen..
derzeit läuft offensichtlich Konsolidierung bei Techaktien, soagr bei ZOOM und Zscaler  

7975 Postings, 7552 Tage bauwi15 $ vom letzten Hoch entfernt, bleibe ich

04.06.20 22:42
trotzdem investiert. Natürlich wäre es klüger gewesen, oben etwas auszudünnen, doch da halte ich's wie Warren Buffett. Ganz oder gar nicht. Beim Einstieg empfehlen sich manchmal Tranchen.
Den Unternehmen geht es gar nicht mal so schlecht, weshalb sich Alteryx über diese Kundschaft sicher auch in Zukunft erfreuen können wird. Die kommenden Quartale wird sich's zeigen.

31 Postings, 116 Tage AbflussrohrArtikel von godmode-Trader zu Alteryx

19.06.20 20:57

31 Postings, 116 Tage AbflussrohrAlteryx konzentriert sich auf Großkunden

29.06.20 17:26

62525 Postings, 7555 Tage KickyGoldman Sachs erhöht KZ von $164 auf $216

02.07.20 12:30
"...On Monday, Goldman Sachs analyst Christopher Merwin raised his price target on Alteryx from $164 to $216 and maintained a buy rating on the stock. Merwin said that the low-interest-rate environment favors a higher price for the stock, and that mission-critical software companies like Alteryx have demonstrated their value during the pandemic...."  

62525 Postings, 7555 Tage KickyAlteryx mit grossem Potential

03.07.20 11:06

"....If we move over to Alteryx, there’s a lot to like here as well, as the company is a leader in the data analytics space, giving back several hours per day to workers that now able to automate relatively monotonous tasks and manipulate their data like never before.

Like Avalara, the company is a powerhouse when it comes to growth, with revenue growth of 43% in the most recent quarter, and gross margins of 88%, an industry-leading figure. From an earnings standpoint, the company has seen massive growth, but annual EPS is expected to drop off this year to $0.54, a 40% drop compared to the $0.94 reported in FY-2019.

While this may be spooking some investors, I see it as immaterial, and merely an aberration in the long-term earnings trend. This is because analysts continue to ratchet up their earnings estimates for FY-2020 and FY-2021, with forecasts sitting at $1.08 and $1.70, respectively."  

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