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4182 Postings, 5062 Tage maverick77AMD arbeitet an BCLK-OC-Unterstützung ohne externe

29.03.17 14:21

340 Postings, 3334 Tage Emmerdeurdanke an maverick :-)

29.03.17 15:26
hiermal in Erinnerung gerufen eine schöne aussage zum semicustom Bereich, zen betreffend:

Unidentified Company Representative

I guess, last question from me then is, you mentioned the semi-custom business, obviously, that's been a big growth area for you guys, exciting new development with a non-game console products coming out, as you mentioned. What opportunities do you see for further wins outside of game consoles and you have real growth in that business?

Devinder Kumar

I would say, this is an area where we are very careful about what we say. But I would say, the pipeline is healthy. There are opportunities, and in particular, even the Zen-based products, I think, the emphasis is going to be even higher that can we now take, we with our partners take the Zen-based core into a semi-custom business that is multiple millions of units, and I think that's a possibility.


6538 Postings, 4251 Tage Jack_USANoch schön ruhig hier

29.03.17 19:41
Hoffentlich kommt das Q1-Ergebnis nicht erst Ende April.  


1799 Postings, 1489 Tage Tichy_vorher kommt mindestens der R5-Launch

29.03.17 20:41
taugt vllt auch etwas als Impuls für den Kurs  


340 Postings, 3334 Tage Emmerdeurryzen

30.03.17 07:12
Stardock / Oxide CEO Brad Wardell had this to say in a press release:

“I’ve always been vocal about taking advantage of every ounce of performance the PC has to offer. That’s why I’m a strong proponent of DirectX 12 and Vulkan® because of the way these APIs allow us to access multiple CPU cores, and that’s why the AMD Ryzen processor has so much potential,” said Stardock and Oxide CEO Brad Wardell. “As good as AMD Ryzen is right now – and it’s remarkably fast – we’ve already seen that we can tweak games like Ashes of the Singularity to take even more advantage of its impressive core count and processing power. AMD Ryzen brings resources to the table that will change what people will come to expect from a PC gaming experience.”


340 Postings, 3334 Tage Emmerdeurq1

30.03.17 07:13
mit den zahlen rechne ich bis 20.04.  


4182 Postings, 5062 Tage maverick77Komplett-PCs mit AMDs neuen Ryzen-Achtkernprozesso

30.03.17 13:07

4182 Postings, 5062 Tage maverick77AMD Radeon RX 570 und RX 580

30.03.17 13:12

4182 Postings, 5062 Tage maverick77bis zu 20 Prozent mehr Leistung

30.03.17 13:36

340 Postings, 3334 Tage Emmerdeurraja

30.03.17 14:19
hat heut getwittert, dass er sich ab heute mit 40 Radeon Architekten in san diego trifft.  


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