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23.11.18 15:28
"Phenominal results from Reduce It":


2114 Postings, 3767 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

06.12.18 10:44

Sizing Up the Bull and Bear Cases on Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ:AMRN)

Dec 5, 2018 | Business
Sizing Up the Bull and Bear Cases on Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ:AMRN)

Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ:AMRN) shares continue to hover around the $15-20 trading range in recent action as the market works to piece together a risk-adjusted value for the company. However, as we will attempt to show below, the market’s current pricing process for the stock is likely leaning a bit too conservatively right now.

The problem for investors is about striking a balance between the pros and cons here — between the massive potential for an eventual bidding war for the company down the road, on the one hand, against the risk of further dilution as the company attempts to initially ramp up its marketing and sales resources to drive an expanded Vascepa distribution footprint as well as the risk that the company is unable to ever secure expanded labeling from the FDA based on its heavily publicized Reduce-It trial results, and the almost as heavily publicized issues regarding its use of a non-inert placebo, on the other hand.

Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ:AMRN) bulls will likely have a much easier time defusing the risks in the above paragraph than its bears will have in undermining the upside drivers.

First off, the company just raised $200 million without making much of a dent in the tape. As we discussed last time, this is best viewed as an investment in demonstrating the potential for the company to make a viable run at the market for Vascepa without the help of a larger marketing apparatus such as it might have following an acquisition by MegaPharm Inc or Giganticus Bioscience.

In essence, the capital raise is the most important investment the company can make when it comes to preparing for an eventual seat at the negotiating table. A negotiation, as you will appreciate, is simply a process of establishing who needs who more.

Secondly, the company just won a case with very important precedential implications: the US District Court for the Southern District of NY handed a decision in favor of Amarin in the case of Amarin vs the FDA, wherein Amarin sought a preliminary injunction against the FDA to stop it from pursuing a misbranding case against Amarin.

In other words, Amarin won the right to aggressively market Vascepa to doctors in that district for off-label use without needing to gain the expanded labeling from the FDA. The court ruled that, as long as Amarin was honest with its marketing materials, the FDA couldn’t prevent that.

It’s a huge development that undermines the importance of the other risk – that of whether or not the FDA will expand the labeling for Vascepa as a full ischemic preventative to be prescribed to cardiovascular high-risk patients to reduce their risk of serious cardiovascular events.

As we have argued, doctors have been surveyed and positively responded on this point already. And now, the company has legal momentum to pursue the marketing process ahead of any FDA decision.

Finally, we would note that the FDA was complicit in approving the use of mineral oil as the placebo in Reduce-It. The company secured a special protocol agreement (SPA) with the FDA ahead of the study. That means the FDA specifically reviewed the trial protocol design in conjunction with the study’s clinical endpoints and the stated statistical analysis process to be used and decided that it was appropriate specifically for eventual regulatory approval of the drug down the road if the endpoints were met.

In other words, if the FDA has a problem with the placebo, then it’s their own fault. And, in our experience, the FDA will never admit to being wrong about something like that.

Hence, even though the company may be able to dramatically ramp Vascepa sales off-label, the odds still suggest they will receive fast-track approval from the FDA in any case.


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22.12.18 11:51
gelegenheit...Am 16.Feb. Gewinnveröffentlichung!  


3666 Postings, 743 Tage VassagoAMRN 15,03$ (+8%)

10.01.19 12:03

Januar Präsentation 2019



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12.01.19 13:22

Was mit Fischöl alles möglich ist.

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17.01.19 16:01
17.01.2019 - 14:40 Uhr - Michel Doepke - Redakteur
Amarin: Schlägt Novo Nordisk oder Pfizer zu? Analyst sieht über 200 Prozent Potenzial

Es vergeht kein Tag ohne neue Übernahmegerüchte: Seit den Übernahmeofferten für Celgene durch Bristol-Myers und Loxo Oncology durch Eli Lilly befindet sich die Biotech-Branche in Ekstase. Selten feierte der Sektor einen solch fulminanten Jahresstart. Heiß her geht es derzeit auch beim Highflyer Amarin. Nach dem Pharma-Konzern Pfizer wird nun auch Novo Nordisk Interesse an der Biotech-Gesellschaft nachgesagt, die Analysten bleiben bullish.

Weiteres Vervielfachungspotenzial

Andrew Fein von H.C. Wainwright bestätigt seine Kaufempfehlung für die Amarin-Papiere mit einem Kursziel von 51 Dollar. Damit liegt der Zielkurs über 200 Prozent über der vorbörslichen Indikation von 16,75 Dollar. Nach einem Treffen mit dem Management im Rahmen der JP Morgan Healthcare Conference bekräftigt er seine Einschätzung. Die Chef-Etage habe festgestellt, dass die Mehrheit der ärztlichen Feedbacks nach der American Heart Association (AHA) positiv gegenüber Vascepa eingestellt war, so der Analyst.

Wer schnappt sich Vascepa?

Der 24. September 2018 sollte für Amarin und Vascepa alles verändern. An diesem Tag veröffentlichten die Iren positive Daten der REDUCE-IT-Studie – der Markt honorierte dies mit einer Kursexplosion von 300 Prozent. An einem Tag! Denn damit lieferte Amarin den Beweis, dass das Fischöl-Präparat das Risiko, einen Herzinfarkt oder Schlaganfall zu erleiden, massiv reduziert. Das Marktpotenzial ist immens.

DER AKTIONÄR hat bereits über die Übernahmegerüchte im Zusammenhang mit Pfizer berichtet. Evaluate (Vantage) bringt nun den Insulin-Hersteller Novo Nordisk als potenziellen Käufer ins Spiel. Damit könnten sich die Dänen breiter aufstellen und sich vom durchaus preisumkämpften Markt für Insuline unabhängiger machen.


Ein potenzieller Bieter könnte durchaus acht bis elf Milliarden Dollar für das Unternehmen abrufen. Investierte Anleger drehen auf dem Übernahmekarussell noch ein paar Runden und halten die Füße still. Dass die Amarin-Aktie die zuletzt massiven Kursgewinne zum Großteil verteidigen konnte, wertet DER AKTIONÄR als positives Zeichen, dass es sich um handfestere Gerüchte handeln könnte. Stopp bei 10,50 Euro beachten!  

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23.01.19 20:22

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24.01.19 07:20
3 Stocks That Are Absurdly Cheap Right Now
[Motley Fool]
George Budwell, Keith Noonan, and Jeremy Bowman, The Motley Fool
,Motley Fool•January 23, 2019

After one of the longest bull markets in history, stocks finally began to revert to the mean late last year, and many did so in a big way. The upside, though, is that this pronounced marketwide downturn created a number of outstanding buying opportunities for investors with a long-term mind-set.

With this theme in mind, we asked three of our Motley Fool contributors which stocks they think are flat-out bargains in the wake of this indiscriminate sell-off. They picked Amarin (NASDAQ: AMRN), Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), and Tailored Brands (NYSE: TLRD). Read on to find out why.  
Man in a suit bending a downward trending red line upward.
Man in a suit bending a downward trending red line upward.

Image source: Getty Images.
The luck of the Irish

George Budwell (Amarin): Unlike most other biotech stocks, shares of the Irish biopharma Amarin actually performed quite well in 2018. Over the last 12 months, for instance, the biopharma's shares have appreciated by a jaw-dropping 334%. Even so, Amarin's red-hot stock still has a long way to go before it can be considered expensive or even fairly valued for that matter.

What's the scoop? Amarin's shares took flight late last year following a positive readout for the company's prescription fish oil pill, Vascepa, in a large cardiovascular outcomes trial called Reduce-It. Reduce-It's favorable top-line results attracted investors in droves for two underlying reasons.

First and foremost, Vascepa now appears like it could be a straightforward and cost-effective way to significantly decrease mortality rates among patients with stubbornly high triglyceride levels. As proof, Vascepa reportedly retails for $349 for a 30-day supply, which pales in comparison to the cost of an extended hospital stay stemming from a heart attack or stroke.  

Secondly, Vascepa has the potential to enter one of the largest and most lucrative markets in all of healthcare following these stellar late-stage trial results. Several of the best-selling medications of all time, after all, target patients prone to developing cardiovascular disease. So, while Vascepa's current peak sales projection of $2.5 billion is certainly nothing to sneeze at, this novel fish oil pill may even go on to surpass this stately sales estimate within the next five to 10 years.

Bottom line: Amarin seems destined to continue its recent growth spurt, thanks to Vascepa's outstanding top-line results in REDUCE-IT. As such, bargain-hunters might want to scoop up some shares soon.  

338 Postings, 3738 Tage elmario1Da ist mal jemand negativ eingestellt

28.01.19 10:18

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29.01.19 10:08
Der ist nicht negativ eingestellt sondern ein basher und Faktenverdreher, dem wurde die Arztlizenz entzogen und jetzt ist er ein armseeliges Vehicel der shorts....lächerlich!  

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31.01.19 10:54

Amarin: A Rebuttal To Omega-3 Fans

Jan. 30, 2019 3:55 PM ET|61 comments | About: Amarin Corporation PLC

... (automatisch gekürzt) ...

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22.02.19 11:03
Neue Rekordverschreibungszahlen:

TRx: 37,934{vs 36,875;+2.87%}Sec+0.27% ATH NRx: 17,624{vs 16,563;+6.41%}Sec+2.34% ATH Ref: 20,310{vs 20,312;-0.01%}Sec-1.36% 2ndATH  

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22.02.19 16:21
Novartis (NVS) Rumored to Be in Talks to Acquire Amarin (AMRN) - Source
February 22, 2019 9:59 AM
Novartis (NYSE: NVS) is rumored to be in talks to acquire Amarin Corp. (NASDAQ: AMRN), according to a source claiming ...

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558 Postings, 566 Tage TekoshinWas sagt ihr zu den Zahlen?

27.02.19 12:30

423 Postings, 1555 Tage RV10Wie zu erwarten...

27.02.19 12:38


558 Postings, 566 Tage TekoshinWird bald übernommen

27.02.19 16:18
Vllt schon diesen Monat  

3666 Postings, 743 Tage VassagoAMRN 21,18$ (+6%)

28.02.19 11:36

Amarin meldet Zahlen für 2018

  • Umsätze 229 Mio. $ (vgl. 181)
  • Verlust 116 Mio. $ (vgl. 68)

"2019 Revenue: Net total revenue for 2019 is anticipated to increase by more than 50% over 2018 to approximately $350 million, mostly from U.S. sales of Vascepa.  Amarin believes that continued quarterly variability in revenues is likely. This guidance assumes that the timing of the expanded label for Vascepa which Amarin is seeking, subject to FDA approval, will not be available until late 2019 or early 2020 such that the expanded label has little or no impact on revenue growth in 2019."



423 Postings, 1555 Tage RV10guten morgen...Wissen wir schon seit gestern

28.02.19 11:56


2114 Postings, 3767 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

28.03.19 10:37
Mega news, Vascepa von Amarin von der amerikanischen Diabetiker Organisation als standard of care aufgenommen, Millionen Diabetiker als Zielgruppe:


3666 Postings, 743 Tage VassagoAMRN 17,86$ (-4%)

01.05.19 20:19

Amarin meldet Zahlen für Q1/19

  • Umsätze 73 Mio. $
  • Verlust 24 Mio. $



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30.05.19 15:17

2114 Postings, 3767 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

26.06.19 15:14

H.C. Wainwright Survey Shows Substantial Runway For Amarin Corporation's (AMRN) Vascepa
June 26, 2019 8:21 AM
H.C. Wainwright analyst Andrew Fein reiterated a Buy rating and $51.00 price target on Amarin Corporation (NASDAQ: AMRN) after conducted ...

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