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Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasPervers: 110 Tomahawks x 15 kg Silber...

21.03.11 11:40

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage Terasanti-SILVER Manipulations, Take 10:

21.03.11 12:00
Gegen das Edel-Metall SILBER in's Werk gesetzte Manipulationen sind zuverlässig daran erkennbar, dass die Silver-Shorters GEPUSHED, die Silver-Longies aber (zum Beispiel Pruducers) Regel-mäßig GEBASHED werden müssen. - Würden die Manipulatoren darauf verzichten, so hätten sie nicht den Hauch einer Chance, ihre Ziele jemals zu erreichen.

Dabei wird oft die HORICONTALISIERENDE Methode zum Einsatz gebracht, wie es auch am FREITAG (4.3.2011) der Fall war.

Und der documentierende SCREEN-Shot stammt dies' Mal von HIER:


Angehängte Grafik:

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasIch hab's im Urin: Silber wird steigen!

21.03.11 13:00
Mit Silber-freundlichen Grüßen:

Der olle Teras.


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasPRIMERO kauft SILBER Call Options:

21.03.11 23:32
21.03.2011 18:50  
PRIMERO Purchases SILVER Call Options

"TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire) -- 03/21/2011 -- PRIMERO Mining Corp. ("Primero" or the "Company") (TSX: P) today announced that it has purchased call options on silver at an average strike price of US$39. The options cover two thirds of the estimated silver sales to Silver Wheaton Corp. ("Silver Wheaton") over the next six months for a total cost of US$2.3 million. The call options were purchased to improve the Company's leverage to silver and reduce the adverse tax impact of the Silver Purchase Agreement with Silver Wheaton, particularly in the event of a dramatic short-term rise in the silver price.

"We are committed to pursuing a number of different strategies to mitigate the tax imbalances arising from the Silver Purchase Agreement with Silver Wheaton and our overall corporate structure. This first step provides significant protection for the Company while at the same time exposing us to incremental profits from a potential rise in silver prices," said Joe Conway, President and CEO. "We believe that within 6 months we will be able to implement longer term mitigation strategies that should provide significant increases in cash flow to the Company."

The Silver Purchase Agreement provides that after the delivery of 3.5 million ounces of silver each year to Silver WHEATON, Primero and Silver Wheaton will share 50-50 in all silver produced at San Dimas. At present, all silver sold to Silver Wheaton is at approximately $4 per ounce, while the Company incurs tax on these sales at market prices. The Company currently expects to have delivered 3.5 million ounces by May 2011. Between that date and August 6, 2011 (the anniversary date of the agreement), Primero expects to sell between 500,000 and 750,000 ounces of silver at spot market prices for its own account, significantly increasing revenues and reducing by-product cash costs during that period"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:

P.S.: Den User MikeOS, der mich hier 2x schwarz punctet hat, kenne ich gar nicht.


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasGestern neuer höchster Schluss-Curs:

22.03.11 00:11
Gestern neuer höchster SCHLUSS-Curs in Silber seit vielen Jahren:


Angehängte Grafik:
2011-03-21-neuer-hoechster-silber-schluss-curs.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasHow SILVER is MINED, Part 1:

22.03.11 11:30

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasENDEAVOUR Silver: Record EARNINGS...

23.03.11 00:57
ENDEAVOUR Silver: Record EARNINGS und andere Recorde:

22.03.2011 13:02
Endeavour Silver Reports Record Earnings, Cash-Flow and Revenues in 2010

"VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/22/2011 -- Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR)(NYSE Amex: EXK)(DB Frankfurt: EJD) announced today record earnings, cash-flows and revenues for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2010, thanks to the Company's sixth consecutive year of growing SILVER and GOLD production, lower cash operating costs and higher precious metal prices.

Highlights of Fiscal Year 2010 (Compared to Fiscal Year 2009):

--  Net Earnings improved to $7.1 million ($0.11 per share) from a loss of $1.9 million
--  Operating cash-flow jumped 167% to $32.7 million
--  Revenues increased 70% to $86.5 million"...  -  und so weiter.

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage Teras31-Jahre-Hoch jetzt stärker im Focus:

23.03.11 15:30
Pro-active Investoren hatten die letzten Höchst-Stände von vor 31 Jahren ja schon länger im Auge. - Und jetzt geht es beim Silber darum, die alte Marke zu ÜBERWINDEN:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Silver edges closer to 31-year high
By Jeff COOTE:

"Spot silver closed up $0.28, or 0.78%, at $36.40 an ounce Tuesday and is  trading very close to the 31-year high of $36.74 reached in early March.

Gold prices ended near steady levels, as the market place worldwide was calmer. Spot gold last traded up $0.10 at $1,427. The current low U.S. dollar and rising inflationary pressures are bullish for the precious metals markets.

Wall Street stocks ended lower following a strong three-day rally. The United Nations military action in Libya may have peaked and the Japanese nuclear crisis may be easing.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished down 17 points, or 0.15%, at 12,018, while the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fell 4.61 points, or 0.36%, to 1293"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasUnd jetzt sind wir DRÜBER!

23.03.11 15:40


Angehängte Grafik:

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasGold & Silber wieder ZAHLUNGS-Mittel:

23.03.11 17:10
Utah erklärt Gold zum offiziellen Zahlungsmittel

"Die Furcht vor Geldentwertung treibt Politiker in den USA zu einem ungewöhnlichen Schritt: Das Parlament des Mormonenstaats UTAH hat GOLD und SILBER als offizielle Zahlungsmittel zugelassen.

Auch 13 WEITERE US-Bundesstaaten planen ähnliche Gesetze"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:,1518,752686,00.html


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasERNEUT neuer HÖCHST-Stand:

24.03.11 02:00
Die Chartisten KENNEN das in obiger #58  kurz in die Erinnerung zurück gerufene PHAENOMEN:

Kaum werden Jahrzehnte alte HÖCHST-Stände flott überwunden, schon geht es danach echt FEIST nach oben!

Die dabei urplötzlich FREI setzten Kräfte sind immer wieder INTERESSANT zu betrachten (nur der mir völlig unbekannte User Rene Dugal hat das 'uninteressant' finden müssen):


Angehängte Grafik:
2011-03-23-gestern-erneut-neuer-hoechst-stand.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasSilver WHEATON: Reserven gestiegen...

24.03.11 02:20
23.03.2011 23:03  
BRIEF-Silver Wheaton posts 9 pct increase in attributable reserves

"March 23 (Reuters) - Silver Wheaton Corp:

* Reports 9% increase in attributable reserves, marking sixth consecutive annual

* Says attributable inferred resources increased by 22% in 2010

* Says proven and probable reserves of 954 million silver equivalent ounces at
   December 31, 2010".

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieser Kurz-Meldung:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasGold & Silver now moving in TANDEM:

24.03.11 06:06
Mar. 23 2011 - 7:27 pm
Gold, Silver Prices Break Out As Political Unrest Spreads
By Robert LENZNER:

"Gold bullion closed at $1438 after hitting $1442, and will rise as investors try to protect themselves in a world gone mad with chaos and blood. SILVER actually hit a new 35 year peak at $37.19, and getting closer to the $40-$50 goal we set last fall.

Gold is no longer just a hedge against QE2 and inflation – or a hedge against deflation. Or a hedge against a declining DOLLAR. Today, gold has become an expression of the instability spreading from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Syria, to Yemen, to Saudi Arabia, to Iran, to Bahrain – and those street dissensions to come, conceivably in Kuwait, UAE, and elsewhere. Oil supplies are threatened. Buy GOLD and SILVER!

You don’t believe? Look at a chart of gold against silver. They are moving in absolute TANDEM now. Any Sheikh trying to preserve his fortune MUST own gold AND silver"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieser völlig correcten Erkenntnis:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasWer erkennt diesen CHART?

24.03.11 12:35
Wer erkennt diesen CHART?

Absolute Silber-PROFIS: Bitte NICHT antworten; lasst auch 'mal den NACHWUCHS 'ran!

Und für alle Anderen wird nur soviel verraten: Es ist ein SILBER-Producent...

Mit chartistischen Grüßen:
Der olle Teras.


Angehängte Grafik:

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasIncreasing Margin Requirements for Silver:

25.03.11 00:00
24 March 2011, 6:37 p.m.
CME Group Increasing Margin Requirements for Comex Silver
By Allen SYKORA of Kitco News:

"(Kitco News) - Margins for silver futures will rise at the close of business Friday, CME Group said Thursday.

CME Group also said it will change margins for a number of other commodities, including cheese, cattle, cocoa, coffee, uranium, propane and gasoline. The stated purpose of the margin changes is to “ensure adequate collateral coverage,” said CME Group, which operates the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, where silver trades.

The “initial” margin for speculators in the 5,000-ounce silver contract will rise to $11,745 from $11,138. The margin for hedge/members and “maintenance” of speculative positions will rise to $8,700 from $8,250.

Margins will also rise for the miNY and E-mini silver futures".

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieser Kurz-Meldung:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasSilber absolut und relativ unterbewertet:

25.03.11 01:00
March 24, 2011  
The Great Silver Bull and the Curious Case of PSLV
By Robert SINN:

"The silver bulls (the gold and silver investor communities often overlap, although recently the silver bull crowd has gained a massive differentiated following) argue that gold and silver were pegged at a 20 to 1 ratio for over 100 years. Therefore, in the modern investment-driven demand / debt-based fiat currency hedge environment for both metals, the ratio of gold to silver should once again gravitate back to 20 to 1.

In its prospectus for PSLV (Sprott Physical Silver Trust Closed End Fund), Sprott points out that 46 billion ounces of silver have been mined throughout human history, whereas 5 billion ounces of gold have been mined. Sprott goes on to state that only 1 billion ounces of silver are currently above ground in bullion form, while there are 2 billion ounces of gold in the same state. Sprott’s argument in the PSLV prospectus is crystal clear; in its view, silver is undervalued on an absolute basis and, in particular, on a relative basis to gold"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasFortsetzung des Rätsels aus #64:

25.03.11 09:22
Wir setzen jetzt das SILBER-Rätsel aus #64 hier fort und geben einen weiteren TIPP:

Durch den hier unten documentiertend anhängten CHART wird nicht irgend ein Silver-Producer, sondern "einer derer GRÖßEREN" Silber-Producenten repraesentiert...


Angehängte Grafik:

Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasStreiche "documentiertend", setze documentierend.

25.03.11 09:32


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasSchon gewusst? - Teil 1:

27.03.11 18:00
Im Jahre 1477 uns'rer Zeit-Rechnung lag die Gold-Silber-Ratio bei 1:3...

Das bedeutet:

Wer eine Unze löthigen Goldes besaß, bekam dafür 3 Unzen löthigen Silbers,
und wer drei Unzen löthigen Silbers besaß, bekam dafür eine Unze löthigen Goldes.

Nur wenig später war Silber THEURER als Gold, welches Verhältnis sich dann später wieder UMGEKEHRT hat.

Die GRÜNDE für diese Entwicklung zu kennen, ist heute wichtiger denn je!

Meint jeden Falles:
Der olle Teras.


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasSchon gewusst? - Teil 2:

28.03.11 07:07
Respect vor der allgemein-Bildung ist immer wichtig, oft sogar ENTSCHEIDEND, obwohl sie leider oft geringschätzt, ja manchmal gar VERACHTET wird!

Und Jene, wo sich im Jahre 1477 das allseits BEKANNTE genügend zu respectieren bereit funden haben, dass nämlich seit der ANTIQUE die Gold-Silber-Ratio eigentlich immer bei circa 1:15 gelegen hatte, bevor sie dann auf 1:12, 1:9, 1:6 und im Jahre 1477 auf 1:3 verschoben wurde; Die waren NACH 1477 fein 'raus, als nämlich das Silber sogar THEURER wurde als Gold...

Und Jene, die das NICHT berücksichtigt haben?
Die SPÜRTEN es am Werth ihrer BÖRSE!


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasIndustrielle Nachfrage +36% bis 2015:

28.03.11 19:11
28 March 2011, 12:18 p.m.
Industrial Use of Silver Forecast to Rise to 665.9 Million Ounces in 2015
By KITCO News:

"(Kitco News) -The amount of silver used for industrial purposes is forecast to rise to 665.9 million troy ounces by 2015, which would be a 36% increase from the 487 million used in 2010, according to a report from the Silver Institute released Monday.

The report, The Future of Silver Industrial Demand, was produced on behalf of the Silver Institute by the precious metals consultancy GFMS Ltd. Industrial use of silver accounts the largest share of annual fabrication demand, the Silver Institute said.

The “base case” forecast from GFMS is predicated on what the consultancy sees as the most likely outcome for the global economy, the consultancy said.

“The report demonstrates how buoyant silver industrial demand is, not only because of the lack of substitution, but also because of the wide range of established and growing new uses that make up industrial demand,” said Michael DiRienzo, executive director of the Silver Institute. “This report maintains that we expect to see robust gains in industrial silver demand over the next five years, further emphasizing silver’s essential role in industry.”

The report identifies 11 still-new applications for silver, ranging from food packaging to radio identification tags to auto catalysts, which collectively could exceed 40 million ounces of industrial demand by 2015, said the Silver Institute"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasSchon gewusst? - Teil 3:

28.03.11 19:30
Die KITCO-News hatte uns den GFMS-Report ja nur CITIERT und nicht VERLINKT.
Hierin liegt allerdings ein MANGEL, den man nur durch die Lectüre des Originales ausgleichen kann...

Und dieses Original finden wir HIER:


Angehängte Grafik:

4021 Postings, 5121 Tage MikeOS#71: Unseriöse Pusherbehauptung des Silver

28.03.11 19:37
Institute. Man muss sich nur anschauen wer Mitglied dieses Institutes ist. Eine längerfristige seröse Statistik der VG Group zeigt einen maximalen Anstieg des industriellen Silververbrauchs von 1 % per anno.

Btw: An deiner Grammatik und Rechtschreibung würde ich aber noch sehr feilen..  


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage Teras35 gute Gründe für Silber:

28.03.11 20:14
March 28, 2011  
35 Reasons Why Silver Prices Are Surging

"Silver has had an incredible run, up 84% in 2010 and up another 20% Y.T.D. so far in 2011. We wanted to list 35 reasons why silver prices are surging:
The U.S. dollar has lost 20% of its purchasing power just since 2000 and 30% since 1990. 70% of that decline has been since 1978, when the mandate for the Fed was changed to a dual mandate of both price stability and full employment. Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the USD has lost 95% of its purchasing power. When you compare the appreciation in precious metals to the dollar in those same time frames, those facts alone should convince you that you need significant exposure to the sector in order to protect your wealth.
Central banks for decades have been selling off their reserves of silver to meet excess demand, which has kept prices artificially low. That has made mining unprofitable for so long there is a shortage of mined capacity developing over the next few years.
The majority of silver mined is used for consumption in industrial uses; therefore, unlike gold, most silver is consumed very quickly instead of hoarded. Silver is therefore a precious metal with a store of value quality like gold, but it is also primarily an industrial metal, which gives it an inherent useful value in growth industries like cell phones, computers and chemicals"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:


Clubmitglied, 35416 Postings, 4890 Tage TerasDa sieht man 'mal, wie lange das dauert...

28.03.11 23:11
Da sieht man 'mal, wie lange das dauert, bis Mining-Pläne Spruch-reif werden!
Denn das hier besprochene Pinguíno-Project ist schon mindestens 6 Jahre alt,
auch wenn das in der heutigen Meldung überhaupt gar nicht drinsteht:

Argentex Intersects 4.0 Meters Grading 965 g/t Ag and 3.23 g/t Au at its 100%-Owned Pinguino Silver/Gold Project in Santa Cruz, Argentina

"VANCOUVER, March 28 /CNW/ - Argentex Mining Corporation ("Argentex" or "the Company") (TSXV: ATX) (OTCBB: AGXM) is pleased to announce the first drilling results of its 2011 exploration program at its 100%-owned Pinguino Project, located in the mining friendly Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. The primary purpose of the 2011 exploration program, which includes a 17,000-meter drill program and a 12,000-meter trenching program, is to test known existing structures at a shallow depth to expand the current silver and gold resource at Pinguino. The Marta Noroeste vein is the first target to be tested within a 420-meter zone along a mineralized zone totaling approximately 1,500 meters in strike length. Drilling continues to return excellent grades and the highest
to date within the structure, including 4.0 meters grading 965 g/t Ag and 3.23 g/t Au.

The following table displays selected analytical results from a total of 7 percussion (RC) holes from Marta Noroeste.  All of the holes in the table intersected oxidized gold and silver mineralization at shallow levels below surface.  A map of drill hole collars is available at "...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE  dieses Ausschnitts:  


Angehängte Grafik:

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